Monday, February 28, 2011

Freezing Rain Monday!

It's a freezing rainy Monday!! I'm now at my next step of knitting the first sock-which is the heel. I'm excited!! I finished working on the cuff this morning. Sorry this is not an edited version.. will get to that later.

Note: There will be a presentation photo once this project is completed!

Photography Page

I still do photography, even though now this is a knitting blog. You can look it up on my shutterfly (I've already blogged about it..), but each time I have new photos like China Town (I'll upload it to my shutterfly at some point today), I'll put a new entry and give you a sneak peak.

Happy Knitting!
~anna elizabeth designs~

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anna Elizabeth Designs Blog Make Over

Such a long title for a short blog entry. Okay, so I absolutely love knitting... I do love photography, however I find that I'm blogging more about knitting. So instead of creating a total new blog, I'm just changing the blog to a knitting blog. There's only one tab (my knitting page) now instead of 'ten dozen' pages, haha. So I am now introducing you to Anna Elizabeth Designs Blog! Here you'll find all kinds of updates on knitting, where I sell it, and the projects I'm currently working on.

To see more further updates...

1.) RAVERLY: Note! You'll need to create an account to look on progress on projects. I do update this, but rarely... I only look up here for patterns.

2.) FACEBOOK: I do check this almost every other day-or when I mostly think about it. Become a fan! I'm almost to 100 fans!

3.) ETSY! The most IMPORTANT website I have-I sell my knitting here. There's a lot of baby booties, baby hats, and so forth on my etsy page.

Happy Knitting,
annaelizabeth designs

Spring Mist Socks (Sunday Sock Knitting)

Yes, I had not blogged in awhile! (I almost put my title as that). It's been a long time, that I forgot my password for my fifth time on this blog (or sixth?) Any who, today I actually began my very first SOCK! It's coming okay-just slowly and still learning how to knit on double pointed needles (well four double pointed needles at once). Currently I'm working on the cuff.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Do you have Shutterfly??

Yesterday, I just got Shutterfly, well I always had it-just never used it. But I started using it yesterday!
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