Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last day of August 2011!

Finally it's the last day of August! I've been waiting for this day forever. A lot of KAL's for September start tomorrow. It's really been a long good month of August, and I'm ready for it to be over. Fall is my favorite season, and of course for knitting! I started this scarf last night, and went to get Malabrigo yarn for my Fall 2011 scarf (and I keep falling in love with Malabrigo!) I also might use this yarn for History of Magic OWL for the Fall Term for the Harry Potter KAL-which starts tomorrow yay!! I'm super excited!!! I actually get to start blogging for them on Friday (Friday Firstie).

So the KAL's for this month starts during this week:
1.) Harry Potter KAL 
2.) The September KAL in my Epic Everything KAL... the threads for September unlock! 
3.) Mother Bear Project begins this Friday. 

Eeek I love fall! The changing leaves, Halloween (second favorite holiday.), October is my all time favorite month of the year (besides July) and not only that, but my boyfriend and mine's one year anniversary is on September 17th, 2011. (so basically if really to count down would be 16 days tomorrow, and I fly down to visit and celebrate with him on September 14th).

A lot is going on this month that I'm super excited about-okay mainly because of Fall!!!!! It's actually becoming Autumn here since the days are getting shorter. Can you tell I love Fall? I'm planning on making lots of Cowls-maybe even scarves (depending how much yarn I have.)

Happy Almost Autumn!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011

Today, I went to a yarn store in Boston... and fell in love with malabrigo yarn all over again-literally. I love knitting with it, and love how it works so well with cables-and I don't have to struggle with cables because of this yarn. I found a great cabled pattern for my Autumn 2011 scarf. I'll take photos as the progress grows and I'm excited!! I hope to finish this by Stitches East!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Slythering into Slytherin!

The sorting hat has sung last night! I am first year Slytherin, so I made a little graphic design thing for my Raverly avatar for this Fall Term 2011!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lost Double Pointed Needle : (

Sad to say... I did loose my DPN, and of course I'm sure after I post this-I'll find it in my bed sheets. I have no idea where it went! Ugh.. and I want to finish my boyfriend's pig really bad : (.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene..

Nothing horrible is happening here so far, the storm should get here tomorrow (I'm in the New England area...) Right now we're just getting pouring down rain-but it seems like typical New England weather currently. But everything I think either starts later tonight or tomorrow. And since I'm blogging we haven't lost power yet!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Whoa?! Where the small projects came from?!

Yeah, exactly what I've been thinking about lately, well today. I don't know what happened-really.. when I casted on few projects here and there..

so here's what I'm working on:
1.) Nate's Anniversary gift (see the project page on my Rav notebook and our one year anniversary is Sept 17th.)
2.) Owl Hat(I'm almost finished with the owl cable pattern-so I could finish this one.)
3.) Mother Bear Project KAL. (Just working on the legs on the back of the bear now..)

I think that's it. Shocking.. three small projects? Finally!
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs {annalovesheep}

Mother Bear Project KAL

With September 2011 coming around the corner, the Mother Bear Project will start on September 2, 2011. The goal is to knit bears! The pattern costs $5.00 but the $$ goes to the charity! I already got the pattern and the yarn yesterday... and I'm really excited to cast on. I'm considering in doing this KAL on the Epic Everything KAL group. The bears are also super cute! The link is in the heading above. I'm also might be creating a page for this. Oh, the pattern is snailmailed to you! I had ordered it almost a week ago, it took about three or five days (I think). I heard about the Mother Bear Project KAL from the Podcaster Challenge.

Mother Bear Project's Podcasters that are doing this KAL:
1.) Mommyneedsyarn
2.) 90% Knitting
3.) Knitabulls
4.) Dramatic Knits (I think..)
5.) Knitting Blooms (I'm mainly knitting for Tina and Erin..)

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well I've been posting yesterday, but not for the "WIPS" part-opps! Maybe Thursday should be my WIPS? Anywho, yes I did the swatch for my Astronomy OWL, and it came out very pretty! That posted yesterday.

Here's the WIPS:
1.) Alex's VA TECH blanket: Almost done with the third repeat..
2.) The Evenstar Shawl: Just finished row 27 on chart two yesterday-might be taking a mini break from it.
3.) An Owl Hat: A very good knitting pattern with cables!! I've been working on this most of today, and absolutely loving it. I could finish it later today or tomorrow (my guess.)

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Astronomy Owl Swatch

Yes... I actually did the Astronomy Owl Swatch yahoo! It's a very very pretty design, and very very pretty swatch! I love the yarn I choose out for the shawl, and it's actually worked out very well-and now I'm excited for the shawl!

Evenstar Shawl Updates...

Since the Evenstar is a big shawl, I'm thinking about taking photos after completing each chart. However, this is the midway point (I'm calling it midway) of chart two. I'm on row 24 when I pick it back up again. I should finish chart two this week (in hopes). Enjoy the photos!

What to call this post?

Exactly. I have so much to say in one post-but with that I'm thrilled to be home finally! That means I'm hoping my new knitting books will be coming in the mail any day now. I had received the confirmation of my order being shipped a few days ago. I also ordered the Mother Bear Project's pattern last Sunday (I'm guessing it'll get here this weekend.. or late this week.) I have slightly a few knitting plans I want to work on.

On this trip of taking the brother down to college-I had only worked on VA Tech's Blanket, and the Evenstar shawl. I only had a washcloth as my small project, and got it done in a day. (I'm desperate now in wanting to do another small project.... such as this one here. (Click the link, it's a surprise project-but it does involve Rebecca Danger since I'm getting one of her books this week.

Here's hope to what I'll knit this week:
1.) The pattern above: I think it might be an addictive knit..
2.) A very cute Owl hat.
3.) A tree frog washcloth (or a tree washcloth..)
4.) Start the swatch for the Astronomy Owl-my Shetland Pi Shawl by Wendy D. Johnson.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Special EEKAL

Special EEKAL~Week of August 22, 2011~
Since I'm getting the book: Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger....
This's week for EEKAL Special Pattern:
Too cute!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Patterns, books, oh my!

Well... my Raverly group "Epic Everything KAL, EEKAL" already knows this. But I had ordered a few books with Christmas money from Amazon last night, and thoroughly excited to be getting them in the mail sometimes this week or next week.

They are... drum roll please...

1.) Cowl Girl-The Neck's Big Thing to Knit (I forget the author-but it's a popular book-plus Cowls are quick, and I only love cowls over than scarves. Scarves just get in the way..)

2.) Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger (Defiantly excited for this book!) and I almost casted on the chirpy chirp pattern (maybe I will..)

3.) Spud and Chloe at the Farm by Susan B. Anderson: I'm also thrilled about this book too, and it's a story book!

With those two books Spud and Chloe at the Farm by Susan B. Anderson plus Big Book of Knitted Monsters-I had put up a poll on my Rav group to see which book they want to knit through first. I might skip around with the patterns on my own and knit them either for my new room (gota love stuff toys...) or as gifts.

Any who, and for patterns. I finally ordered the Mother Bear Project pattern this morning, and I'm guessing it'll get there next week (I'm assuming by the rest of the podcasters) This is apart of the Podcaster's Challenge.. and I'm excited it's for a charity!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Circular Shawls-Astronomy Owls-Two Circs Shawls?

Okay, so I think I'm pretty sure I know what I'm finally doing for the Astronomy Owl, and got the pattern set up-I just need to get the materials. Which brings me to circular shawls. I was planning on doing the Evenstar shawl (but I can't seem to stop working on it until September 1st! for the HPCKC on Raverly)-but I think I may be doing the Shetland Pi Shawl by Wendy D. Johnson. I'll start the swatch and look more into the pattern when I get back home from taking the brother to college on Tuesday. (We leave Monday from Blacksburg.) But I am excited about this, and I'm hoping I can get halfway through the knitting part for the Evenstar shawl before I start this.

So far I'm only working:
1.) Alex's Blanket
2.) The Evenstar Shawl.
Wow only those two?
I usually have more than five things on the needles-don't know how it came to that. And Oh! Now I probably knit Alex's blanket in the car, so I could get halfway on the blanket on Monday (I'm dreaming...) and finish the stripe tomorrow.

Halloween Washcloth Series

Since it's almost Halloween (okay okay, not quite... but two months out) I started Halloween/Fall knitting a little bit early. Here is the pumpkin washcloth.

last of washcloths.. Charlie Brown series

Here are the last of the few washcloths I've made. I'm thinking of casting on another washcloth, not sure if Halloween related or not. The washcloths here have been already mailed to my boyfriend, hopefully will be getting it soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011


As in past few posts, I am blogging for them! (Well the HPCKC! on Raverly!) I am looking up now (and preparing) for the Fall season 2011 knitting items. Last term (Spring11) I played as a NQFY (and knew nothing about the group.) I think I completed the classes Charms, Muggle Studies (the last class) and I forget the first class. But anyways. I'm also thinking about doing a Herbology OWL exam this semester as well. Not only that, but I am looking up patterns for Fall 2011 such as knitting Halloween washcloths, cowls, hats, and such. I would do scarves-but I like cowls a lot better (and it wouldn't be tight like scarves, and scarves wouldn't get in the way.) I'm thinking about knitting a sweater-but not quite sure yet.

Here's some links I've found and my Raverly's queue at a glance! Fun Fact: I just have about 113 patterns queued, and four pages in queue... seesh.
Cabled Ipod Cover just something very random, involves more practice for cables, and a bit "challenging" might use for an HP class this term.

KAL FRIDAY POSTS: I'm thinking I'll be posting KAL news on Friday's including my Epic Everything KAL (I'm still doing that with the HPCKC.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Great News!

Hello!! In combination with "WIPS Wednesdays" I have good news! Hmm... I'll share that at the end ;).

THE WIPS real fast..

1.) Witch in Flight Washcloth: It's a green cotton washcloth-Peaches N' Cream, (I have tons of the green!) I haven't really been working on this all day since I wanted at least a tiny bit of a break from washcloths. But I am getting ready for Halloween (two months early!!)

2.) Pirate Punky Socks: Can't you tell I'm getting into Halloween? Haha.. But really-I got antsy this week for Halloween 2011 stuff...okay now I'm itchy to work on the washcloth! Okay okay, I'm at the heel gusset decrease. This sock seems small to me even though I'm doing it with a really good pattern I always use for socks. [But then again I do have small feet!]

3.) Alex's Tech Blanket: Since from the last two weeks of traveling-I've made lots of progress on it, including starting the second repeat of the blanket pattern. And now I'm just finishing the second repeat. I'm traveling AGAIN this weekend (through Tuesday.)

4.) I feel like there's something else-but I'm forgetting..

HPCKC (Harry Potter Cup Knitting Crocheting) on Raverly.
I made STAFF this Fall 2011! I'm suppper excited! And guess to what?
To blog for them! [Yes I am still blogging for my own personal knitting blog too] I'm super excited to start this!

Click on the link "And guess to what?" to go to their blog.
I MADE sure I signed up for the sorting ceremony so I can be a first year for Fall Term 2011-since I played as a NQFY Spring 2011 (that flew by!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Charlie Brown Washcloth Photos

Here are finally the photos for the Charlie Brown washcloths-they are also posted on each of their notebook pages on Raverly.

Those are most of the photos I have so far, and just completed Shroudor washcloth (in one day!) and also completed Sally before that. I'm hoping we can mail my boyfriend's gift to him before we leave for VA TECH on Thursday.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Knitting Updates

Knitting Updates, forgot to post for "What's on my Needles" on Wednesday!

I only have about three WIPS so far which are:

1.) Alex's VA TECH Blanket-getting some progress on it, just marked row 27 on my notes page on the second repeat. So it is getting a bit of work done! Almost done with the second repeat.

2.) SALLY-the washcloth: My last washcloth of the Charlie Brown series I'm knitting for my boyfriend's belated birthday. Reached 20th row, and could finish by tomorrow or Monday. Hope to get in the mail before taking the bro to college. This is the last one, so I should be able to.

3.) Evenstar shawl: I am making good progress so far! Halfway done with chart one! Woot!

Knitpicks Orders this week:
Yes... I finally mentioned few posts back about knitpicks orders. I can't decide to cast on another shawl, or do some socks out of my fun yarn-punky yarn.

Off to Saturday cleaning. Sorry it's a bit late!
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~The Evenstar Shawl~

Yes! I finally casted on, which means I got my yarn yesterday for it! It's looking so beautiful so far and I'm so excited about it, and how somewhat easy (I'm saying this now..) how the pattern is coming out.

Where I'm at: Row four for CHART ONE.
Size Needles: Size 4 Circs for now, then transitioning to the Knitpicks size 3, 32" cables. I've also started out with size 2 dpns, then used my size 7 addi turbo's...
Yarn Used: Pearlescene, Laceweight from Knitpicks.

-We are having a thread for the Evenstar here. on my Raverly's group Epic Everything KAL I have 85 members as it is growing, yippee!
-My project page is here.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Charlie Brown Birthday Gift

So... this is a very belated birthday gift to my honey. But my boyfriend's and mine's nicknames are Lucy and Charlie Brown. While on vacation, I decided to knit Charlie Brown themed washcloths. I'm making GREAT progress on all of them so far-more than I can imagine. I wouldn't say before I hated washcloths, but now I really love them.

But here's the four I've done so far (normally I would just do one.):

1.) Charlie Brown (of course, it was the first one!): I did this on normal sock yarn..

2.) Lucy!! (That's me! That was my second one completed over vacation.)
Before the Lucy washcloth-I went shopping for really good cotton yarn-best cotton yarn I've knitted with!

3.) Snoopy!! Can't forget Snoopy!

4.) Marcie: I JUST finished Marcie today (or well just minutes before posting..)

Next up:

1.) Linus
2.) & Sally! (And I'll be finished!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WIPS-on Wednesday (A little Late)

A bit late in posting and meant to post last night. This is something I'm going to try and blog about: Works-in-Progress Wednesday. Last night I was going to post-but too tired (Haha). Then on Friday's I'll have Finished Object Fridays.

Let's begin!

1.) Alex's VA TECH blanket: I worked on it quite a bit while I'm at the beach. I'm going back tomorrow (just probably not today.) But I made an easy mistake to fix, it only took awhile to tink back the mistake (about 199 stitches!) So with that being said, wasn't so happy about tinking back. I added the orange a bit too soon. But now I know what I'm doing!

2.) Charlie Brown's Washcloth Series: I'm getting back into washcloths for some reason. I forgotten each row is different, and it's really neat seeing the washcloth become a washcloth. I just recently went yarn shopping for more washcloths, and started Lucy yesterday. (I'm halfway done with her.) I also finished Charlie Brown washcloth at the beginning of this week.

Happy Knitting!
Anna Elizabeth Designs