Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mindless Blanket.. Mindless Knitting..

Wow, I haven't blogged since Stitches East last Saturday! I've been sick with a nasty virus and in bed (somewhat or try to be..) most of this week, knitting very little-unless I'm working on my brother's blanket. I tried to work on other things like the Clapotis, Dr. Landsford's scarf.. but my mind couldn't concentrate. I'm almost done with the sixth repeat to the blanket, and I hope to add the seventh stripe soon (the stripes are fun to add.) I think I may do a couple of rows and then go to bed. This project is a perfect project for mindless knitting when I'm wanting to do something productive with knitting. It's the only thing I can actually work on and not be able to focus. I'm thinking of casting on another blanket for me (since it's defiantly big enough) and that I can call it my winter blanket. I can defiantly finish this blanket either by Thanksgiving or by Christmas.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stitches East 2011 & Shawls!

I'm getting myself wrapped up more and more into shawls!! I had completed the Dancing Batty Shawl, and it was very addicting to knit-and was a fun knit. Thank you Diane from Knitabulls' podcast, who wrote up the directions from a chart! Yes, I've already blogged about the shawl and posted a finished object photo. I actually wore it yesterday at Stitches East and got a lot of unexpected, exciting and great compliments (I was surprised.) I love shawls so much, there's so many shawls I want to knit.

But I want to blog about Stitches East 2011 first, it was EXCITING. I got two Malabrigo yarns, Archangel and Persia. I'm about to do a test knit soon, so I'm thinking of doing Persia out of that. Then I got a very cute strawberry little bag to put socks in (or maybe even shawls? not sure haha.) Not only that, but I got to learn how to do a toe up sock cast on, (Judy's Magic Cast On, which is really fun and addicting.) I had gotten yarn for the toe up socks I want to do (I'm calling them Gryffindor Toe Up Socks.) I'm super excited that I hope to start knitting this.

okay so SHAWLS.
I'm thinking about doing either Lala's Simple Shawl or Multanumah. They both look so pretty! Right now I'm currently knitting the Clapotis (and it's also a fun knit!)

Okay... photos coming soon from Stitches East 2011!! I had so much fun yesterday it was incredible!

Happy knitting!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dancing Batty Shawl-Halloween 2011

Dancing Batty Shawl 2011

Just a quickie post since I'm trying to get this posted on Knitabull's podcast Raverly group's board. But I finally finished the Dancing Batty Shawl for Halloween 2011! I'm also planning on wearing it tomorrow at Stitches East. 

Stitches East 2011 is...

TOMORROW! We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and I'm very excited! I'm still trying to decide if I should knock out another repeat or not of my brother's blanket in the car, or bring the Clapotis. My goal today is to finish and bind off the Dancing Batty Shawl (almost done, on row 88!)

Here's my WIPS for this week (haven't done this in awhile!)

1.) Alex's VA Tech Blanket: Finished the fifth repeat since I was sick the past weekend, and got a lot of mindless knitting.

2.) My Purple Clapotis: Just casted on a few days ago..

3.) Black Spark Skirt: Not sure how many inches it is yet, but I think that'll be my travel knitting.

4.) Dancing Batty Shawl: Hopefully will finish this by tomorrow! (Probably will)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love hats!

The Wager Hat
by Velvet Madrid

So far this week, I've been working on hats-on a hat kick not sure why? It's weird, I never really knitted any hats except for baby hats (since they're so quick!) But a few weeks ago I've discovered the Wager Hat, it is a very fast and quick knit. (I'm on the last row of my Stitches East 2011 Hat aka The Wager hat.) The hat is also a slouchy hat. It's also for free, just click on the link! This is my second time knitting the hat.

I'm also hope to try:
Hermione Hearts Ron hat
Starving Artist
I know there's a third hat... but I forget.. shoot. Oh well!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Stitches East 2011!

Yes, it's this Saturday! I'm thinking about blogging every day as a countdown till this weekend about Stitches East.. however, I'm a bit sick either with strep or a cold. (I'm having chills now.) I hope to get better by this weekend! I'm looking up patterns, and writing down lists of which booths to hit at Stitches East. This is my first fiber festival and I'm a bit excited! : D.

Happy knitting!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I can't decide what to work on..

Hm, I can't decide what to work on. I'm currently working on the Dancing Batty Shawl-and it is fun! However, I'm feeling under the weather and also working on a hat as another Christmas gift... hm. so far shawl is winning. Those two have been my TV knitting.

Some TV Shows I watch: 
1.) Good Luck Charlie (Favorite one)
2.) Full House (Only when I go to bed..)
3.) America's Got Talent
4.) The X-Factor
5.) Friends!
6.) The Office

Happy Knitting! And oh-Stitches East is next weekend! Excitement!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Itching to blog

So all morning, I've been itching to blog, haha. I feel like among the busy around here I haven't got a chance to blog. I had a long doctor app yesterday, then now I get to blog. I finished a Christmas gift (yes!) so this morning I casted on something new! Very excited and still need to create a project page for it on Rav. It's the Dancing Batty Shawl, I received the written instructions by Diane from the Knitabulls podcast. I'm also thinking of blogging about this over at the HPKCHC's blog tomorrow.

You will be seeing lots of progress on this shawl! : ).

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Click for Charity Knitting

I don't have a lot of info about this charity, however is to knit purple preemie hats. I discovered this charity while watching Katie from Knittin on the Fly. I probably can only do two hats, since she wants them by October 15th.
Yardage for each hat: 50.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Evenstar Shawl updates!!!!!

I would like to say it's done, or halfway done (not sure if even close to either haha.) But I'm making very good progress on it, and absolute love the pattern!!

Sorry.. it's not much to say right now, but I'm beginning chart three!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Socktoberfest 2011: Juliet Socks

My very first pair of socks!! I still have the left over scraps.

Socktoberfest 2011 Part Two: Jellybean socks

So I'm thinking for Socktober-I had forgotten I knitted socks in the past-not sure why. However, thanks to the podcast I watch-Knitting in Circles is doing a few give aways to enter. (I'm posting these socks..)  I think these are my second pair of socks, and I think they're also tubed socks (I was trying to find the magical pattern that I would love!)

Socktober Blog Posts:
I'm considering in blogging either once a day about socks to celebrate Socktoberfest2011. Today's spotlight is Jellybean socks. I might blog about my favorite sock patterns, give the links, or at least one pair. Hm... I love this idea!

Happy sock knitting!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Socktoberfest 2011 Goals!

(Photo from Socktoberfest 2011 Group on Ravelry.) 

It is October, and a very windy October day! Fall is in the air! As I was knitting my brother's blanket an idea for socks came to mind... and I also have two goals for this Socktoberfest. I'm considering in casting on Halloween Cabled socks using orange yarn-but not magic looping them. 

So here are my goals for Socktoberfest 2011: 
1.) Halloween Cabled Socks-using my favorite cabled pattern socks!
2.) Learn to Magic Loop 
3.) Secret Knitting {a Christmas gift for someone!}

What are your Socktoberfest goals?

DADA 2011 October Homework

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Slytherin, First year 
Option 1: Craft something simple to clear your mind 

I finally finished another project! This didn't take long, and it was a mindless pattern, great from taking a break from large projects such as the blanket, the Astronomy Owl, and the Evenstar (I believe that's all I'm knitting right now yay!) I'm also turning this in for Dramatic Knit's "Race to finish" or something like that. 

Yardage: 194 yards (I'm assuming because of the yarn label.) 
Started: October 3rd, 2011
Finished: October 4th, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christmas 2011-Christmas Post #1

Hello!!! Tomorrow will be like "Christmas" to me, haha! I get my yarn back after three months in storage-woohoo! I'm excited, since I totally completely forgot what I have in my stash-but means more yarn for projects without purchasing! (Not that buying yarn is a bad thing-but I had that itch to destash big time. before Stitches East 11.)

Christmas gifts! I'm starting to knit Christmas gifts now and currently working on a cowl.

Great knitting Christmas gifts:
Washcloths (with personal interest)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is off to a great start!

Hello!! Just probably a quick blog unlike yesterday. October is off to a great start! I'm feeling a lot better than I did over the weekend. So okay... good news! Not sure what kind of post to call this one....

are you ready for it?
   yes I finished one of my long-term projects, FINALLY.

Okay.. even more ready?
It's my Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011! I'm doing one more post or two about this scarf, since I still need to block it. I might wait until we get into the new house in order to do it (after crazy things slow down.)-but that would be on Wednesday. I'm so glad and excited this scarf is completed-I'm considering to turn it in for an HP class, but not sure quite yet. I'm thinking about a cowl for this month (simple and brainless haha.)

I'm so excited it's finished!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hm-lots to say! Yes, I designed the graphic above.. and blogged yesterday over at the HPKCHC. I feel like there's lots to do, but then again not really. Okay first off-I started working on the Evenstar shawl again, yes! I'm really considering in trying to finish that this month...don't know why, just had that itch! I did one round this morning-yahoo (and it has 560 or 580 stitches, whatever the amount calls for..)

KNIT-A-LONGS this month:

1.) EEKAL OCT 2011: The graphic above is for my group on Raverly. The new patterns are now posted for the KAL's.

2.) HPKCHC: New classes! I'm hoping to finish the scarf tomorrow or at some point later today-in hopes to use it for one of the classes this month.

3.) SOCKTOBERFEST: I recall back joining this group long time ago, but missed last year's Socktoberfest. Since it's the first day of October-I have this one goal, learn to magic loop and get back into socks. I at least want to do one pair of magic loop socks-cuff down. I tried toe up, they're okay-a bit tricky, and had no idea what I was doing... and at the same time, it felt strange. But that's my goal for this month.

Stitches East 2011: Yeah! It's this month! I'm excited and cannot wait... I still need to make an on-going list of the things I want to purchase. I'll make a blog entry about that at some point as well! This will be my first fiber festival. It's only two hours away from me too! Are you going?

Knitting Goals for this October: 
1.) Stitches East 2011 Scarf: We're already getting chilly weather, and my scarf would be perfect.

2.) Evenstar Shawl: I just picked it back up again, and it felt weird knitting it. "Weird" and "strange" seem to fit today! My goal is to finish it this month.

Knitting Goals for November: 

1.) Finish Alex's Blanket: I'm halfway there now, and need to get more yarn to continue.

2.) Finish Astronomy OWL: For a sec, I thought I was still writing under the subtitle for October's goals, and well that freaked me out! Haha, this isn't due until November. I'm already at the halfway mark, and need to take a photo either today or tomorrow to post in the "Midterm" thread on the HPKCHC's group.

Well that's about it!