Saturday, April 30, 2011

Raverly Notebook-Panda bear

So I do have a Raverly notebook page (click on the link to go and look.. but you'll need to have an account.) After each piece is done-I'll slide the green % bar to whatever number. For instance-after I finish the head, it'll be 60% completed. I almost didn't knit on this project or just decided not to knit on this project today... but I started the head. So I may just spend the rest of the day knitting the head. (It will take awhile). I could finish this project this week. (Not this weekend.)

Happy knittings,

Finished legs!

So I just finished a minor part of the panda bear! The legs! Here are the photos, and also-there's a little something special at the bottom of this blog post. (See if you can notice what it is..) Also, I labeled the legs to tell the difference between the left and right.)

Notice how I signed the blog post?
PS: After each piece I finish-there will be a blog post. I'm deciding to do it that way. Also-if it's in a pair, like the legs and arms, I will wait to finish the pair before I post the entry.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Good night! (Left Leg)

I only had small amounts of energy left, and only got to one of the photos done of the right leg of my panda bear. So I call this a "preview"

So this may be the last blog post about the Royal Wedding knitting for awhile, or until tomorrow (we will see). I'm trying now to blog less about it since the wedding was today. I'm not sure how I'm going to blog of what I get done, but I'll figure it all out tomorrow (remember I've been up since 3am?) I would normally try to finish up my part I'm working on if I weren't so tired-which is the Left leg of my panda bear. I have photos of the right leg, so I will probably post them tomorrow. I'm thinking about doing a post per day about the Royal Wedding knitting-but then again we'll see. As in for the notes-I have seven pages so far, there are a lot of parts to this project. I don't mind it at all-it's small parts into one big project. (Pretty neat huh? I feel like I'm getting a lot more accomplished when it's breaking down to smaller parts like these). Okay, I'm rambling... and I think the royal knitter should go to her chambers for beauty sleep (haha!)

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Noting on Notes Part 1

So I've been keeping extensive notes on this project for the panda bear. This is the blog entry of describing of the series that is coming together throughout this weekend. I love weddings, especially royal ones as you can see that I'm blogging a whole lot more today! (I'm just catching days worth of blogging too...) I'm not sure if I'm going to type my notes (I hardly type my notes when it comes to projects) but this is such a special memory to me, that I may type up the notes once the project is done.)

What to expect: (Hopefully I'll stick to this!!)
1.) Timeline of the events and when I knitted the panda bear during the wedding. (Example: The kiss stitch) notes,
2.) Rows completed (this pattern defiantly required good note taking on the rows finishing, since it is knitted in individual pieces).
3.) Photos of my notebook full of notes.
4.) Individual pages of notes per knitted piece. (Makes sense? I jotted down notes on separate pages whenever I began a new piece, to make things more clearer... and organized. I love organized notes.)

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Panda Progressing Photos #1

This is the exact stitch I knitted while they were kissing! : ) I marked it so I could put a jewel there after it's done.

Since I mentioned before about the photos, here they are!

Princess Catherine's Raverly Link

I just created a link on my Raverly's notebook page, but I'm thinking of putting the extensive notes in blog posts instead (we'll see). There's also photos up from this morning. As soon as I figure out one of the rows in the pattern-I'll be working on the head. (I would call this 70%) done... still have to work arms and legs, and possibly the earliest this project is completed is tomorrow.

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Royal Wedding Knitting...

Yes... I'm actually going to create a page for this, since I'm creating a very very special project for this.. and yes I'm just about to leave you on a cliff hanger-until possibly tonight. I've already posted a spoiled alert of what I'm knitting today during the wedding. I woke up at 3am, and was way too excited for this project. If you really want to know what I'm knitting-look at the tags or go to the link for photos. But of course there will be photos later on tonight. I'm super tired, and already posted some up of what I have on my facebook page.

Happy Knittings and Royal Wedding day!
~Anna elizabeth designs

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Look!

Yes-the blog has a new look again! I'm still trying to find 'the new look' for the blog... and hoping this will stay. Hopefully you'll enjoy!

Happy knittings,
Anna Elizabeth Designs~


I feel like I haven't blogged in the past couple of days, been busy knitting!! There hasn't really been much updates, although I've ripped out my Parrot socks (didn't like them..) Yesterday, I started new socks (but I'm not going to give out any details, but I am trying a new pattern!) I also mainly worked on my blanket. No, I haven't started knitting yet, but I'm about to.. also yesterday I knitted on the John Deere hat, but I haven't finished it either. (Sorry!) Still meditating if I should go through with these sets or frog them.. sad to say. I'm downloading more podcasts now, and about to watch while I knit. Right now it looks like it's storming weather (the weather's been nice up here yesterday, and I'm wearing shorts now!)

Anyways-Happy Knittings,
Anna Elizabeth Designs!

Monday, April 25, 2011

UPdates! more UPdates!

So it's Monday and a new week!! I have a busy week of knitting ahead of me, and I'm also hoping to get more of the purple yarn (almost nearly ran out of it over this weekend... to the point I'm scrambling.) I also started a new sock today and finished the Sunflower socks yesterday, yay! I'm about to start back knitting the sock again. Plus today I started the John Deere baby hat, but I hadn't really knitted this much on it... but I will tomorrow. My focus right now is my sock (of course!)

Above is the progress of my Olive Garden blanket! Enjoy!
Happy Knitting
Anna Elizabeth Designs !

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

I'm uploading a new graphic photo wishing all of you a Happy Easter on my Facebook page here. (It's still loading.) So I thought I'd also put it in a blog post before I start knitting. By the way Happy Easter!! Yesterday we went to Michael's to stock up yarn for my blanket, however I got the wrong shade of purple : (. So I hope to go back to Michael's again after church... if it's opened. I gotten some buttons for Sophie's Spring Set... so it may go on Etsy later on today or tomorrow! I'm excited for it, and the buttons are extremely cute. I also got mini heart shaped button sets since I need some for future baby booties. Speaking of future baby booties, I have other sets in mind... however this one may be just baby booties since I have no idea how much yarn I'll have afterwards for the hat. As for the John Deere baby set-I finished the baby booties yesterday, and I'll add buttons to it after church. Those won't go on sale until later this week until I start and complete the hat. I might start the hat today, we'll see.

Happy Easter!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weeks of Knitting

So I'm thinking of posting of what I'm knitting once a week.. now, but I may put in few blog posts every now and then. However, yesterday I knitted on John Deere Baby booties and my blanket. I hope to get my sock in later today after I finish a stripe on my blanket and the second baby bootie. (I'm about to start knitting now!)

Anyways, not a lot of blogging right now.. maybe post later on today.

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Friday, April 22, 2011

Butterflies & Photos!

I hardly posted yesterday, been working on a mini project (not related to knitting!) and small projects such as a butterfly! I'm planning on knitting more butterflies and flowers (they're fun and easy, and quick to do!) I'm about to knit a flower. I hadn't posted a photo into a blog entry in awhile so here you go!

Let's make it a game, can you spot the butterfly?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Knitting featuring Sophie's Spring Set!

So today was a very good day for me, a little tiny bit of stressful.. but everything went well! I had to clean the house in the morning and walked the dog. (I didn't have any time to knit-like my normal routine after breakfast since I spent cleaning. So finally I was able to knit about after lunch, and it felt great! I feel like I've got a lot accomplished today other than knitting, and also got accomplished in knitting as well!

Today I knitted:
1.) Sophie's Spring Baby Booties! I got them done! I just need to buy buttons at Joanns and Michaels this weekend for them.. hopefully they will be up on Etsy on Sunday or Monday. I finally got the right baby bootie finished (second attempt or third attempt?)

2.) I'm almost done with a green stripe on my blanket yes!

So tonight I hope to knit:
1.) Finish the stripe (I doubt it, I'm tired of knitting on it now..)
2.) Defiantly I know I'm going to knit on my Sunflower socks I've been mentioning for awhile. The blanket has been taking up my day... so that's why I only knit on one stripe a day.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sophie's Spring Set

Okay so awhile back I've been mentioning about Sophie's Spring Set... including a summer hat (kind of has the crochet look but it's not crochet.) with some baby booties. I messed up on the second baby bootie (the right) since it's different the left. I'm using size 2 US needles. For right now I'm just going to try the flower pattern again since I found those needles. I was using dpns before and had a bit of struggle with it. (Needless to say I did not fall in love with the pattern while working on the dpns). Hopefully by the end of the night I'll at least have the flower or the left baby bootie done.

Here's all left what I need to do:
1.) The flower for the hat [When I actually really complete this flower... I will be extremely happy! This would be my third attempt.]
2.) Right baby bootie [I'm very determine to master a baby booties set like these aka they are Mary Janes! I have tons of ideas of other sets I can do... but before I move on to another set idea-I want to finish this one first and put it on Etsy.)
3.) Find buttons for the flower and the baby booties.

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs
PS: Hopefully the next post I will at least have either the flower or the baby bootie done. I could get this set done by Saturday... and it could be an Easter sale. (I normally would have these $30.00-especially for a newborn size)

Reading Knittng Blogs

I love reading blogs.. (why I'm keeping up with this one). If you have a button for your blog, give it to me and I'll add it in the HTML codes. I might even create a button myself. So it's a Tuesday morning at 8am, and honestly it really feels like 7am to me (or 6am). I guess I'm a morning person, and it's raining out. I should be knitting right now... however I think I'm still waking up. Yesterday I worked hard on my Fairies' Purls blanket. I LOVE the colorways in this one than the Whipple Wave blanket I ripped out. Plus I've mentioned in my last blog post that these colorways will match my next room after we move. Also, last night-I wanted something easy and mindless to knit. I went ahead and casted on my second sock for my Sunflower socks. I'd figure I'd finish the cuff's length by the time my mom gets back home to help with the heel part (that part I'm still trying to master). I'm almost half way in memorizing the pattern which is great! I'd knew I'd get to that goal sometimes soon.

Anyways, happy knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Monday, April 18, 2011

For the Week of 4.18.11

I'm surprised I haven't picked up my knitting needles yet... but I'm waiting for one of my podcasters' videos to download. (I like to watch knitting podcasts while I knit!) It'll probably finish downloading before I post this entry. I have a lot to do this week. I like to write "to-do" lists and refer back to these as I knit, so I have something to knit.. yesterday or day before I felt like I didn't have anything to knit. (Which is a great feeling, but can rather be annoying.. haha).

My week's to-do list:

1.) Finish Sophie's Spring Set
2.) Finish the Sunflower Socks
3.) Work on my Fairies' Purls Blanket [this will defiantly take me awhile to finish... just because I started it yesterday]

I think that's about it... haha..
Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fairies' Purls Blanket

So today somewhat been a rough day.. but anywho. Remember that Whipple Waves blanket I messed up on? Well I'm so glad I ripped it out and started over. I started over with new colorways I'm very excited about, and can actually enjoy knitting on. I'm still working on the second stripe now, and should move to the second stripe tomorrow (so tired, this pattern needs every bit of concentration and can be challenging). I'm still doing the same pattern but as:

CA=Yellow with tint of sparkles [Bernat yarn]
CB=Purple [Simply Soft yarn]
CC=Green with a tint of sparkles [Bernat yarn]

We're about to move, I thought it would be a greater idea to have a blanket to match my room which is a fairy theme-but not little girlish... theme. I'm not sure what the colors of the walls are going to be, but it's in the colors of my blanket somehow. I'm thoroughly enjoying this blanket a lot more than the other colorways I had been doing.

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs
PS: Once I get five or more stripes done.. and the project is actually growing.. I will be taking photos as I go along. This is a long term project, and complicated.. but for right now I'm going to keep my focus on this project (okay and throw in a pair of socks in between knits!)

Ocean Reflections or Shallow Waters Shawl

So my Mom fixed my Whipple Wave blanket yesterday (yay!) Now I just need to figure out what row I need to start on. Since I'm almost finished with my North Carolina Shawl (probably need to just bind off, but we'll see). I'm itching to start on a second shawl (with an easy pattern).. my next shawl will be blue with a tint of sparkles-reminding me of the ocean. (Might be named Ocean Reflections we'll see) or Shallow Waters Shawl (probably the second name).. any who. I still have a lot to do with knitting this week. I'm about to try on my Sunflower sock to see if I need to start the toe decrease... and then bind off. I'm so itching of putting the sock away and start on the Shallow Waters Shawl (seriously!) I might just have to after I try on the sock haha.

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shawls, Baby Booties, Socks

Well I hadn't blogged in the last couple of days.. I've been knitting all day actually (and yesterday). North Carolina Shawl updates first! I'm ALMOST done with it, I finished the decrease. I'm not sure exactly yet my next step will be. I'm in the process right now of just working on other projects, mainly either tinking or fixing them-such as my Sunflower socks, my Whipple Wave blanket.

This week I'm hoping to:
1.) Finish Sophie's Spring Set
-The flower (probably next planning in this one..)
-The Baby Booties

2.) North Carolina Shawl:
-Maybe the trim or completely finishing and binding off.

3.) Socks!!
-My sunflower socks are almost done (well the first one)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Knitting of the Week.. for 4.14.11

So I hadn't got a chance to post my knitting of the week. So here's my to do list and goals!!

1.) Sunflower Socks: Variegated with yellow, purple, green colorways.. just casted on the dpns last night! I could finish them this week. Since I was in North Carolina, I didn't have the yarn to do socks..I like finger weight yarn for my socks-especially for summer weather and spring weather.

2.) Sophie's Spring Set: I started this set on Tuesday morning before my flights, however it got messed up somehow. The yarn got tangled within the knitting-so I had to restart yesterday morning. I got the hat done by noon yesterday (very quick!)

3.) Flowers: I'm about to start knitting my pink and purple flowers for Sophie's Spring Set in a few minutes after I blog.

4.) Baby booties: For Sophie's Spring Set... could be starting this later today or next week (we'll see).

Oh- I'm going to start learning cables soon, and just got my first cable needle set yesterday at The Yarn Basket!! I'm excited!

I think that's it for now..
Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So I just got home yesterday around 10pm, so of course I didn't get a chance to blog. I hadn't really got any time knitting at the airport. I had a lot of delays in the travels-but I got where I needed to be-home safe and sound! Flights were okay, just long. I only just read and watched podcasts to pass the time on flights. Right now I'm also catching up with more podcasts, and knitting on Sophie's Spring Set [the baby hat]. I defiantly miss North Carolina! Good flying weather thankfully yesterday, but today is raining (little bit of stormy weather too-or looks like it!)

Anyways-that's really it for the details!
Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Going back home/Video Podcasts

So sadly today I'm leaving North Carolina. Yesterday I got bit of knitting in on the beach! It was nice and relaxing. Right now I'm just waiting for my boyfriend to wake up and downloading knitting podcasts. Honestly because of knitting podcasts-that's been mainly my TV lately. I hardly watch TV unless I'm in the mood to watch my favorite show, Full House. I would begin my knitting mornings with podcasts. I'm even considering in recording my own. Right now I'm working on the planning, already gotten the show notes typed up-all I need to do is record. I wanted to record at the beach yesterday (since it was the beach!) but I'm still thinking about it. (We'll see). I have the name already thought up, but I'm not going to write anything..) and my segments.

Anyways, I'll blog again once I'm home.
Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Sunday, April 10, 2011

North Carolina Shawl

So yesterday was a lot of fun... and only got few knitting done on my North Carolina shawl. It's not my 'baby' shawl any more! It's growing after each row I knit, and I'm still loving the pattern! I'm not sure how many inches it is right now-but I'll measure it either before I leave NC or after I get home. I'm curious to see how close I am to 30" (but I'm probably not even close... I'm guessing maybe 10 inches or less, we'll see). This pattern is making me love knitting shawls, super easy as I explained in my first post for North Carolina Shawl. This is just another update of how it's progressing. Possibly no photos until it's finished...

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Updates..

So I know I haven't really been updating or blogging these past few days-been busy! I had a movie date with the boyfriend (Soul Surfer) is a very good movie!! I loved it, Carrie Underwood was amazing in it and I was very impressed by it. I hardly got any knitting done yesterday but I got little done. (I'm about to go knit, I'm still waiting for the boyfriend to wake up haha). Today's plans is at 9:00 and going to a parade, very excited. I'm going to take my knitting with me... even though I'd probably won't have a chance to do a row or two, or a stitch or two. (But that's okay..not complaining!) Anyways! Going to go knit! Oh by the way: I have something like 1, 179 views-which is amazing!! I would love to see who's reading.. so follow me! : D. Happy Knitting ~Anna Elizabeth Designs!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

North Carolina Shawl EASY.

So yesterday, I arrived in North Carolina safely but with a few turbulence on my first flight to Atlanta, but the second flight was smooth to NC! I hardly actually didn't knit at all until I got to my boyfriend's house later in the day. I almost didn't pack any yarn or knitting, but I'm glad I did! I started my shawl yesterday, and since I'm mostly knitting it in NC-I'm calling it my North Carolina Shawl. I was super tired last night so I waited until this morning to open my laptop to blog and open a new entry on Raverly for the NC Shawl. I love this pattern it's so easy! It's so cool how it's easy to increase each row as I go along knitting it. It should be fine to knit on my next two flights on the way home. Since I had to pack less for this trip, I'm keeping my notes and the patterns on index cards method. Okay, once I keep saying it's 'easy' I'm probably bound to mess it up somehow.. but anyways. The method of keeping my notes and the pattern on the index card is easy! (I can't think of a better word to describe this..)

Anywho, may knit on it for awhile now!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Facebook Page & Lady in Purple Socks

So I'm halfway done with the 4inch marks on my Lady in Purple Socks. However-for this pair, I'm thinking of waiting until both socks are officially knitted and off the needles. I'll be busy these up coming days in North Carolina, so I'm not really sure if I'll be taking pictures of the socks.

If you already haven't make my 91 facebook fans to 100 by clicking the link (or more!). You'll see more updates, and also some questions that you can participate in. I'll try to blog as much as today.. I'm leaving early for the airport tomorrow.

Happy Knittings,
~Anna Elizabeth Designs!

Rainy Days.. & North Carolina!

So I LOVE rainy days as I probably mentioned in a couple of blog posts before. They give me the inspiration to knit (and of course I actually had not knitted yet-or gone on to Raverly... shocking I know). Yesterday I'm almost coming to the finishing point of my hat, and so I may bind off later today (if I have enough time.) Also yesterday I casted on a sock so that I could have something to do tomorrow at the airport-I'm going to NORTH CAROLINA! Yes, I can't be even more excited than I am, haha. There may be some posting and such (whenever I get a chance to get on the computer..)

Anyways I'm going to knit,
Happy Knittings,
Anna Elizabeth Designs!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Double Pointed Needles to Circulars..

Well yesterday morning I tried knitting the Disney Hat on double pointed needles size 7. However, it was a little difficult and time consuming on double pointed needles than to do it on bamboo circulars. I try to do most of my work on circulars when I can, since it doesn't hurt my hands so much and it's an easy portable project (another reason I love knitting socks). This hat is actually going much faster and easier, plus a lot more fun than double pointed needles. Yes-I am taking a little break from socks (maybe until tonight.. haha). I'm still doing the same colors for the hat as I originally planned (same design on the hat too). So nothing really has changed except the double pointed needles. I'd rather save the double pointed needles for socks.

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Pointed Needles..

Now that I finished the Honeysuckle socks last night (late last night!) I feel like I can breathe now.. and cast on new projects. I actually forgotten how much I love casting on projects haha. So as I'm typing now I've started on a hat (this may be a test knit..) for myself as I talked about my projects last night. After I get to a good place (most likely after doing a color jog for the pink) I'll start on the flower. I'm guessing the flower will be after lunch. The hat I'm doing now has a green brim, knitted on double pointed needles (size 7), and the body is pink. It's actually going well so far.. and I'm slightly designing this. Photos will come as the hat goes along (I'm just completing the first round now and listening to podcasts..)

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Honeysuckle Socks binded OFF!

Yippee!!! Yes, my Honeysuckle Socks are finished! Click on the link on my Raverly page to see them!! A photo of them will be posted tomorrow (I'm about to go to bed). I've spent most of the day working on them and trying to free up my knitting needles. In my last post I had knitting attacks such as my knitting needles slid off (I got frustrated!) But FINALLY these socks are now binded off-and I'm WEARING them!! I'm so excited about them... and yes I can't wait to start on another pair. I'm thinking of always having a sock on the double points.. after I edit a picture of my socks I'm going night night!

I do have projects planned for tomorrow! I have two secret knittings (gifts..) But I'm doing:

1.) A flower
2.) Possibly a hat for myself (that I am designing..) but I think the brim is going to be a bright green and then the body a bright pink (both neon). I'm going to knit the hat for springy and summer weather! I am also considering knitting them on double pointed needles (I can't get away from the double pointed knitting needles!)

Anyways Happy knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs
{Photo of Honeysuckle Socks will be posted tomorrow!}

Tinking day..

So this is the first blog post for today! So far it's been an 'okay' day and hoping it'll get better.. I'm hoping to be almost done with my second sock-however I did have a little knitting mishap unfortunately. I hoped I fixed it so far-however the needle just slid out of my stitches.. so basically I dropped all my stitches from a needle. I wasn't very happy about that-but I hope I actually did fix it (we'll see..) then I tinked a little bit on the Whipple Waves blanket I've been working on.. though I do still need to tink a few rows again on that. (I only just tinked once..) So before I tinked my row on the Whipple Waves blanket-I tried to roll up two balls of yarn however they got really tangled (I wasn't happy then either..) so that brings me to blogging. So I'm guessing I haven't had a really good day of knitting like I hope-hopefully a better knitting night. But I've been watching some podcasts as well today.

Anyways.. that's it for now.
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Friday, April 1, 2011

Honeysuckle Socks Photo

And here it is! Honeysuckle socks photo sneakpeak.. I'm about to go and bind it off very shortly after this post.

Wintery Day, April Fools Day, and April!

Good morning!! I'm just waking up again and I woke up to snow on the ground. So I'm assuming today will be a good knitting day! Last night I got to the point of my toe decrease of the new pattern I'm trying (and I absolute love!) Photos will be coming shortly.

By the way...

Happy Knittings,
Anna Elizabeth Designs