About Anna Elizabeth Designs

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Anna Elizabeth Designs was founded in July 2010. Here are a few Q&A from the knitter! 

Q: How did you start knitting?
A: I needed Christian Service at LU while I was attending there is one of the main reasons. However, one of my halls was really into crocheting, and I tried crocheting. Sure I got the basic stitch down, but when I picked up the two knitting needles for Neighbors Helping Newborns-knitting became apart of me. 
Q.  How long have you've been knitting? 
A. I know I started in May 2010, and spent the summer knitting for the organization, Neighbors Helping Newborns (knitting baby hats..) So I'm marking May 1st or May 12th as my one year anniversary of knitting. 
Q. Do you have a podcast?
A. -As of right now? No, but I hope to soon. 
Q. How long have you've been blogging? 
A. I've been blogging for awhile. Before I started this particular knitted blog-it was a photography blog... then it became a photography/knitting blog. Then now, it's just a knitting blog. I only had did the whole thing for each one-never created another account. 
Q. What do you enjoy the most? 
A. The most? Well right now I'm liking Shawls, Circular Shawls to be exact. I'm enjoying the Evenstar pattern, and blankets, and washcloths. 
Q. What's your WIPS (right now) 
A. As I type questions, currently-Alex's Virginia Tech Blanket (almost halfway through), and the Evenstar Shawl. I throw in small projects every now and then to break up the knitting. 
Q. What KAL's do you participate in? 
A. Harry Potter's HPCKC and my KAL group, "Epic Everything KAL" known as EEKAL. 
Q. What's your favorite podcasts? 
1.) Round the Twist (my most favorite one.) 
2.) The Knitgirlll's 
3.) Knittin on the Fly
4.) 90% Knitting. 
Just to name a few.. 
1.) Never Not Knitting
2.) Knitmoregirls
3.) Knit Knit Cafe


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