Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anna Elizabeth Designs Blog Make Over

Such a long title for a short blog entry. Okay, so I absolutely love knitting... I do love photography, however I find that I'm blogging more about knitting. So instead of creating a total new blog, I'm just changing the blog to a knitting blog. There's only one tab (my knitting page) now instead of 'ten dozen' pages, haha. So I am now introducing you to Anna Elizabeth Designs Blog! Here you'll find all kinds of updates on knitting, where I sell it, and the projects I'm currently working on.

To see more further updates...

1.) RAVERLY: Note! You'll need to create an account to look on progress on projects. I do update this, but rarely... I only look up here for patterns.

2.) FACEBOOK: I do check this almost every other day-or when I mostly think about it. Become a fan! I'm almost to 100 fans!

3.) ETSY! The most IMPORTANT website I have-I sell my knitting here. There's a lot of baby booties, baby hats, and so forth on my etsy page.

Happy Knitting,
annaelizabeth designs

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