Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome Summer of 2011!!!


This is the first hat of Summer 2011!! On June 1st, there will be a count down for Disney posted! Yes we're going to Disney on June 26th, and also to Hogwarts! The reason of participating of the Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup! This is another hat dedicated to the Harry Potter... no it's not the HP's houses colors (I personally don't want to get burned out on it.) Yes.. it's also exclusive because the background is the title page of my scrapbook! I thought of doing something different with the background so there you go.

Remember those summer days, the lemonade stands when you were just a little kid, playing hop-scotch with your neighborhood friends, catching fireflies, and watching 4th of July fireworks?

This is the Lemonade baby hat!

Sock bags are done!

The sock bags are done! Fabric glued, sewed and everything! No... I'm not sure if I'm going to add the I-Cords or not. I'm guessing it's about 80 yards per bag-for the knitgirlll's Stash Dash 2011. Enjoy the photos-sorry a bit blurry. The lights weren't on in the kitchen.

~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Thank you especially for the troops who serve our country!

Anyways... last night I finished the Charlie Brown & Lucy sock bag plus Mom's sock bags! Photos will be coming soon. I'm also finishing up a page in the scrapbook today, and hopefully get the photos later this week-maybe today or tomorrow the earliest. I hope. What's a scrapbook without photos? Haha. I'm also hoping to finish the first green sock today, and get to my blanket at some point. Last night I couldn't decide if I should try to untangle the yarn so I can work on it. MM... didn't happen.

Happy Memorial day!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Knitting Scrapbook

So I LOVE crafts, any time. I hope to start dying yarn soon after we move. We're too busy this summer with everything sadly. But anyways. I started the title page for my knitting scrapbook. I already order the prints from Shutterfly. I want my scrapbook to be girly as possible-I know... but it's knitting right? Not that I'm saying that knitting is girly haha. I'm figuring I'll do a page a day with my scrapbook so I won't have to stress about it and have fun with it. Plus I'll post a page a week (I'll choose Saturdays for this.) Scrapbook Saturdays! I love that... even though it is Sunday. But I love Saturdays. I'll also create a page for this if I have enough pages (Blogger only allows 10 pages.. not bad.)

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Harry Potter Knitting-May 2011

So as May 2011 is now ending for Harry Potter knitting (finally May is ending!) June is a very exciting month for us (my family and me a couple of friends.) But let's talk about Harry Potter! I turned in my History of Magic socks (a Christmas gift for someone) and it looks like it'd be Hermonie's style. I got approved! I'm so excited and I can't wait for June knitting for the HP. I've heard there may be new assignments but I'm not sure yet. But I got approved! Yippee!!

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting better

So today I can see a difference from yesterday and yes I'm feeling a little better! I wouldn't say a lot, but a tiny bit. I'm blowing my nose less, but still blowing my nose every now and then. I actually got a lot of knitting accomplished than I planned too even though I got a rough start. Never start your knitting mornings when you untangle yarn and have startis at the same time! That's the helpful tip of the day! Yes.. that sums up my morning and no-I did not end up rolling up the yarn into a ball, and yes-I'm sad about it.

However-good updates this time! I got the fabrics glued together...however I have to wait until tomorrow to really finish up the bags. (Have to wait until 24 hours after I glue it... sigh..) but at least I got that part done!

And I casted another sock yay! And I have 3 1/2 inches (I think) on it. Wohoo!! I started this sock over three times since I was trying out a pattern, but then I decided to stick with the same pattern. This is for the Knitgirlll's stash dash and a Christmas gift.

Hermonie's Socks/Midnight Stroll

So here is the photo of the Midnight Stroll Socks!! It's self striping which made the knitting fun! Even though I was sick of knitting on the socks (well I enjoyed it a little bit too).. by the second sock was about to end. (Maybe I was just sick?) Anyways, here's the socks photo, and I'm so happy I got the first Christmas gift done!


So yesterday I barely got to blog since blogger wasn't working for me (but finally did!) Yes! I had created a wordpress just in case, but I get to blog on this one!! Yes unfortunately I'm sick which means I've been barely knitting enough to finish my Hogwarts assignment-History of Magic. I decided to do Option 1: Search history for someone you consider a Wizarding style icon, and craft something to represent his or her sense of style. You may study any Witch, Wizard, or other member of the magical community from any point in history, and feel free concentrate your studies on personal fashions or home d├ęcor. [COPIED FROM HP KNITTING/CROCHETING GROUP ON RAVERLY.]

Anyways, in my next two posts I'll explain the Midnight Stroll Socks (aka my Hermonie's socks for History of Magic Class.) but these are a gift for someone. I've already started my Christmas knitting and got my socks done yipee! If I find a good count down for Christmas, I'm posting it on my blog.

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Thursday, May 26, 2011


So Charlie Brown & Lucy happens to be one of my favorite cartoons when it comes to holidays.. (even though it's not near holidays.) However, it is my boyfriend's and mine's nicknames (just to throw in a fun fact.) I've almost completed my Mom's Hermonie's Never-Ending sock bag, just got to add the liner with the fabric! We were at Joann's yesterday and I just happen to come across the Charlie Brown & Lucy fabric (along with Linus and other characters.) with a blue background. I hesitated a little bit since there were other cute fabrics for liners. Then I carried it around the store while searching yarn for ideas. It grew on me, and by the time to pay-I fell in love with it.

My Design plan:
I already have a pattern picked out I used for Mom's birthday gift. I'm using the same pattern, but with different size needles the pattern calls for... and using blue and yellow stripes. I'm excited for this now. I've just about to cast on, and titled my note page for the pattern. Yipee!! Photos of both sock bags will be coming your way soon.

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Mm... nope. I love sock knitting! And as I explain before, I've already began my Christmas knitting. Why? To make things easier, less stressful, AND more fun: I decided a couple of days ago to knit socks for everyone (including a couple of friends here and there..maybe) for Christmas gifts. I think it should be a knitter's tradition (my opinion, you don't necessarily have to do this haha.) If I knit for someone else-I feel accomplished, like I'm actually getting something DONE. Maybe that should be one of my quotes? (Possibly....thinking..) I've already made a list who I want to knit for. Since it's May 2o11 let's see.. wow already 7 months ahead in schedule! It depends on the mood of when I desire to knit socks but right now since I just finished up a sock for someone special-I'm in a sock crazed. Minus three people on the list, if I do one pair per month-I could get my Christmas knitting done in time. Yes... I have ten people in mind I want to knit socks for. I'm not sure if you'll be seeing photos or the people's names just because it'll probably "ruin" the surprise gift. I'm almost done with a sock I'm working on now (finishing heel guesset). However, I may blog at what stage I'm at during the sock knitting (we'll see.) From now till Christmas I'll be getting sock measurements from everyone on the list. I'm excited for this!

Happy knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I'm back!

I've been blogging every now and then while I was away on vacation, now I'm back in town! I hope to finish my panda bear this week (my blanket is not even close to finishing..) I've started to knit socks for Christmas gifts this past weekend (and started one yesterday) I'm about to get to the heel part soon (maybe after lunch?)

I hope to start this week:
1.) Spud the Sheep (maybe)
2.) Two sock knitting bags
3.) Finishing some socks.

That's about it!
Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Updates

It's been a busy weekend and busy week visiting with friends and boyfriend's family. I'm heading back home tomorrow. I have thousands (well not thousands) of projects in mind already to start knitting, but I can't now because I'm away from home. I'm still slowly working on my Olive Garden blanket-I guess half of it done. I'm on the eighth purple stripe, and I scheduled the blanket (so I can get it done in time for the potions class) on which days I'll complete some stripes.

Happy Knittings!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Well yes I haven't blogged in awhile, but I have a small chance to blog. I've been knitting like crazy on my blanket (and still not done argh!) I'm in the mood to work on it now, but then again not really. So I'm basically taking a small little break from it... but probably might knit something else for a HP class. I have a few knitted things in mind.

What's on my needles:
1.) Slytherin's Simple Green baby hat
2.) Christmas knitting (I know already!)
3.) The Olive Garden blanket (it is not binded off yet!)
4.) My Carrot Top (Mother & Daughter knitting.. my mom is making the same top as me.)

That's basically what sums up I'm currently knitting. Most of it is small projects besides the Olive Garden blanket.

My Fantasy Knitting:
1.) A sheep name Spud (after Spud and Chloe's yarn.): I'm starting this as soon as I'm finishing up the panda bear when I get home.)
There's a lot more but I can't think of anything at the top of my brain.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog Break

Since I went on a mini vacation this week to the lake house and back to my hometown-yup you guessed that I'm on a blog break until I get back in NH. I'm still knitting however for the Harry Potter knitting group (and still working on my blanket!) But I'm just giving a short holler that I'm on a blog break until next Tuesday. (I just haven't got enough time to be on the blog..) There's a new surprise project coming your way once I get off of the blog break!

Happy knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Slytherin's Summer

Okay summer is almost here for Hogwarts students! So throwing in some k2tog and simple yo's to create a summer look for the next up: Summer series! Each house now will get a summer hat look. The colors stay the same, but the hat will have a little bit of "crochet" but a knitting version! Sorry no photos of the hat's process in this blog post, but more to come later. I'm going on a road trip tomorrow back to VA. (Excited!) So I will mostly be spending the time knitting it in the car tomorrow. (Woot!)

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Design

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Edited Photos

Unexpected, I did edit the photos today! (Well just now) and here they are, enjoy!

Harry Potter Hat Photos

Okay, I do a little "cuter" hat presentations, but I admit... I am a little lazy on this one-bear with me, there will be more better photos when I get back from vacation. Obviously these are Hufflepuff and Gryffindor. I still need to knit the first Ravenclaw hat. But I need to turn in these photos for the final approval.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baby Sock knitting

So yesterday I was searching for baby sock patterns! I am going to sell these once they come together, and I get the hang of the pattern. I also may be donating these (especially the first pair) unless I fix this mistake to Neighbors Helping Newborns. The mistake should be easy to fix... but we'll see haha. Anyways. I tried a first sock pattern, but the instructions were a little difficult to understand than the second pattern I'm trying out. I'm working on the instep now, and could finish this sock today (or finish the pair rather today yay!) I'll keep you updated!

Happy knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Morning Monday!

It's a beginning of a new week and I've always loved Mondays (but I especially love weekends ha!) I'm watching podcasts right now and downloading The Knit Girllls' new episode, and excited for it! Since their show is usually an hour, I can get the stripe done to my Potions blanket (Olive Garden blanket.) Right now I'm watching Round the Twist and working on my "crochet" look Gryffindor hat (wohoo!) I'm almost done with it, and trying to get it done today. With my hats, I'm starting a series and giving them a same look so I can get 30 done. (Like four pig tail hats, four pom pom hats, four crochet look hats, etc.) It's fun, and I keep forgetting hats are fun!

Also! The panda bear! This post is tied between themed knitting for the panda bear and HP. I'm almost done sewing in all the parts-got the arms and legs done yesterday. I hope to get the stuffing in the nose and ears plus eyes done today. Photos are coming tomorrow. (Maybe-plus of the hats.)

Anyways, happy Monday!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Sunday, May 8, 2011

200 Posts & HP Hats & Graphics!

This marks my 200 posts!! I would say this is a "big" post. But this morning I spent it by creating graphics for each of the houses... okay I'm getting a little obsessed with HP! So here are the graphics!

Here are the hats I've completed:
1.) Slytherin
2.) Hufflepuff
3.) Gryffindor

Hats I'm about to start:
1.) Another Gryffindor
2.) Raven Claw

What's on my Needles

It seems to look like I'm blogging every Sunday about "What's On my Needles" but it's beginning of a new week right? This post will also include upcoming blog posts for this week and events. Let's start with "What's on My Needles"

What's On My Needles:
I'm not going to assign my knitting to each day, it'll stress me out. However...
1.) My Potions class blanket: Olive Garden blanket. I try to do at least a stripe a day, I could get this done by the end of May (when it's due anyways.)
2.) Finishing up my Panda bear (no, I actually have not sewen in my parts sigh.)
3.) The HP's Owl knittings.... my baby hats. (I have almost THREE done so far this weekend wow!)

okay now...
My boyfriend's graduating this weekend (yay!) so I'm traveling down to VA... then going back to my hometown where I grew up to visit some friends. This is where the Traveling Knitting blog post comes in. No link to it yet-haven't even written it! But that's coming this Thursday. The car trip is on Friday (and a lot of knitting time!)

Happy Mother's Day!

Yep, it's Mother's Day!! We celebrated a little early yesterday. But here's a special photo of Mom and me knitting on my 21st birthday from last summer. I just started to knit a few months before! We were both working on our blankets in this pic! Enjoy : )

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Blog Post

Yep, this relates to Harry Potter knitting! I'm defiantly now doing Potions class with my Olive Garden blanket yippee! What a wonderful way to get both approvals for this Saturday morning before heading out the door, for my OWl and Potions class for this term! I'm still serving as a NQFY (sigh but I'm okay with it). For the OWl, I'm just doing 30 hats... which is quite a challenge for me, and OWls are suppose to be a challenge (which is great!) I'm suppose to get the blanket done by May 31st, which is easy to do... which in a week I'll be down in Lynchburg. So bascially that means I have a whole day in the car to knit on the blanket and hats (yes!).

I need to get refills on:
1.) Yellow Red Heart yarn
2.) Black Simply Soft Caron yarn
3.) Blue cotton yarn (for Raven Claw)
4.) Gryfindor Colorways
5.) Green bernat yarn (for potions blanket)
6.) Yellow bernat yarn (for potions blanket)
It's a lot of refills!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Potion Photos

The Raverly's group link requires to upload photos from blog posts to submit photos. So you'll see bunch of photos streaming your way so I can submit for the potion class and OWls.

Potions Class Knitting

So finally today I decided which class I really want to do, and waiting for approval. I took photos of my blankets, and wrote on the thread of the group for Raverly's Harry Potter's House Cup. But I'm choosing potions class. My blanket is perfect (the Olive Garden one) for this one-since the class requires three color changes that are balanced. I even saw someone similar to mine on the group-but not quite, so I'd figure it'd be okay. I could get this done by the due date (at the end of this month)... but if not I guess I'll sit in detention (haha!) until it gets done. Here's the photo of the updated blanket.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sassy Slytherin Baby Hat

Here are the beginnings of "Sassy Slytherin" Baby Hat! (More details to follow tomorrow..)

Harry Potter Knitting Begins!

I haven't technically got approved yet on my OWl knitting project. (But I'm hoping so pretty soon, once I get a swatch done, or learn how to swatch for a baby hat.) After this post I'll create a new page of the Harry Potter themed knitting. (I just knitted up a Slytherin baby girl hat and added pigtails!) I enjoyed knitting it, and was surprised how cute it turned out. This is the "first" post for the Harry Potter knitting... made several other posts introducing this project.

Happy Knitting!

Harry Potter Poll knitting

So I can't decide which hat to start on first for the Harry Potter knitting... I have a poll on my facebook page (and already have two votes leaning towards Ravenclaw.) But I'm considering of either doing Ravenclaw or Slytherin first. So far Ravenclaw is winning so far. Go to my facebook page and vote!

Happy Knittings!

It's Thursday!

Okay, so no panda quite yet! I could have the panda done tomorrow though! I've spent yesterday mostly sleeping, but got a bit of sewing done as well, and of course the day before. I got the arms, legs sewed.. as well as the body and the head! I just need to put the features on it-and weave in the ends, then I'll be completely done! Photos may come tomorrow or later on today.. I've also been charging my camera so it should be ready!

happy knittings!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Themed Knitting

So lately I've discovered that I've been "themed" knitting. Last week's knitting of course was the royal wedding. I'll start with the royal wedding knitting updates. I have quite the few. Yesterday, I had to do an extra half of the body which I had forgotten about. (Okay, so I didn't really read the directions carefully before I continued on the pattern. Good thing is: that the pattern was in individual pieces!) No, I don't have photos for this sorry! I'll have photos when the project becomes a finished object (FO). I'm not exactly sure when I'll be able to sew in the head, arms, etc (the rest of it) either later on today or tomorrow.

and now....

Harry Potter!
Okay so I haven't quite read ALL the books, but I just saw the seventh movie part one a few days ago. Somehow I tumbled upon a knitting group that's serious yet funny at the same time that's related to Harry Potter on Raverly. It's HP Knitting/Crochet House Cup. I'm absolutely wanting to knit along with this! I'm already coming up with designs for the OWLs. So as soon as I will cast on my first project.... I will start blogging and creating a page. I'm a NQFY [Not Quite First Year] since I missed the sorting unfortunally. (I was really bummed out... I missed it by a day!]

I'm considering in either History of Magic or Ancient Runes knitting classes for this term-as well an OWl. This post is introducing the knitting. When I start casting on-the real blogging will begin!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Last few posts on..

The Princess Catherine panda bear! It's almost done, and I've finished the parts yesterday! Today after lunch I'm hoping to sew and stuff the bear. There's a few more details to add, like the tiara and wand I'd like the bear to have... to show off more of the royalty! This is actually one of the first FO's (finished objects) that I've really pushed myself to complete. I'm hoping to do a little mini photo shoot once the pair is absolute done with all the details later on this week. The photo shoot post will be the last post of the panda bear series.

Happy knitting!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ravelry %

My Rav link here (to see the project page of this week.) This will be a very, very brief entry-probably just a few sentences or less. But I moved up my green % bar on Raverly! It's now 70% because one of the arms are done, and I'm just about to cast on the second. Then after the second is done.. it'll be 72% (most likely). I'm trying to slowly move the bar. After finishing the quick details such as bamboo, nose, ears, etc... I won't move the bar after the second arm is done. (Reason being, there's still sewing and stuffing!)

Happy May!

Waking up this morning, I glanced at my cell phone. I realized it's finally May!! I would normally say this is the start of "my summer" but I'm already home! We've had really nice weather lately which led to allergies, then a sore throat I still have (wouldn't exactly call it strep since I haven't been to the doctors yet, and not sure if I'm going to.) I've been waiting for May to come for along time for specific reasons. This post is non related royal wedding knitting.. [By the way-this post will also contain the events for this month! By the way-in weekly posts such as these I'm going to start posting events. There's now something going on every month, i.e traveling!] Here's what's on my NEEDLES for this week: 1.) Princess Catherine Panda bear (halfway finished with the knitting that is). 2.) Olive Garden blanket: Since I've been working hard on the panda bear this weekend, the blanket hasn't sadly been touched. I'm hoping to get to it after the panda is done, I'm sure it'll happen soon enough!
3.) Gift knitting-Mother's Day.

EVENTS for May 2011:
Less than two weeks I'm driving down with my mom for my boyfriend's graduation at Liberty! Yes I'm so excited for him!

Okay, I decided to be colorful in
this blog post hehe! Even though this is not royal wedding knitting-I'm still going to sign the posts with this blog signature I created.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes!

Funny title for this blog entry!! But those are the things so far I've accomplished for the panda bear! Yes! I finished the head last night, and I already finished the two legs I think on Friday or early yesterday. I started the right arm while watching the seventh movie of Harry Potter last night, and got half way through. Sorry I haven't took photos of the head yet, I might later on today-we'll see. I'm about to start watching podcasts and then work on the arm to finish that up, then start on the second one. After the two arms-the main parts will be finally done! I just have small details like the eyes, ears, nose, etc to do. That'll be really quick, the latest I think I could get the panda stuffed and sewing would probably be on Tuesday or tomorrow (we'll see how much detail I'll get done today.)

Also-you should go look at the Royal Wedding page I've created a few days ago-there's a tab at the top of the page so I'm not going to give you a link. You should also go look at the "About Me" page... there's some questions there I answered. There's still more questions to come, so it's still "Under Construction"