Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mindless Blanket.. Mindless Knitting..

Wow, I haven't blogged since Stitches East last Saturday! I've been sick with a nasty virus and in bed (somewhat or try to be..) most of this week, knitting very little-unless I'm working on my brother's blanket. I tried to work on other things like the Clapotis, Dr. Landsford's scarf.. but my mind couldn't concentrate. I'm almost done with the sixth repeat to the blanket, and I hope to add the seventh stripe soon (the stripes are fun to add.) I think I may do a couple of rows and then go to bed. This project is a perfect project for mindless knitting when I'm wanting to do something productive with knitting. It's the only thing I can actually work on and not be able to focus. I'm thinking of casting on another blanket for me (since it's defiantly big enough) and that I can call it my winter blanket. I can defiantly finish this blanket either by Thanksgiving or by Christmas.


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stitches East 2011 & Shawls!

I'm getting myself wrapped up more and more into shawls!! I had completed the Dancing Batty Shawl, and it was very addicting to knit-and was a fun knit. Thank you Diane from Knitabulls' podcast, who wrote up the directions from a chart! Yes, I've already blogged about the shawl and posted a finished object photo. I actually wore it yesterday at Stitches East and got a lot of unexpected, exciting and great compliments (I was surprised.) I love shawls so much, there's so many shawls I want to knit.

But I want to blog about Stitches East 2011 first, it was EXCITING. I got two Malabrigo yarns, Archangel and Persia. I'm about to do a test knit soon, so I'm thinking of doing Persia out of that. Then I got a very cute strawberry little bag to put socks in (or maybe even shawls? not sure haha.) Not only that, but I got to learn how to do a toe up sock cast on, (Judy's Magic Cast On, which is really fun and addicting.) I had gotten yarn for the toe up socks I want to do (I'm calling them Gryffindor Toe Up Socks.) I'm super excited that I hope to start knitting this.

okay so SHAWLS.
I'm thinking about doing either Lala's Simple Shawl or Multanumah. They both look so pretty! Right now I'm currently knitting the Clapotis (and it's also a fun knit!)

Okay... photos coming soon from Stitches East 2011!! I had so much fun yesterday it was incredible!

Happy knitting!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dancing Batty Shawl-Halloween 2011

Dancing Batty Shawl 2011

Just a quickie post since I'm trying to get this posted on Knitabull's podcast Raverly group's board. But I finally finished the Dancing Batty Shawl for Halloween 2011! I'm also planning on wearing it tomorrow at Stitches East. 

Stitches East 2011 is...

TOMORROW! We are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning and I'm very excited! I'm still trying to decide if I should knock out another repeat or not of my brother's blanket in the car, or bring the Clapotis. My goal today is to finish and bind off the Dancing Batty Shawl (almost done, on row 88!)

Here's my WIPS for this week (haven't done this in awhile!)

1.) Alex's VA Tech Blanket: Finished the fifth repeat since I was sick the past weekend, and got a lot of mindless knitting.

2.) My Purple Clapotis: Just casted on a few days ago..

3.) Black Spark Skirt: Not sure how many inches it is yet, but I think that'll be my travel knitting.

4.) Dancing Batty Shawl: Hopefully will finish this by tomorrow! (Probably will)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love hats!

The Wager Hat
by Velvet Madrid

So far this week, I've been working on hats-on a hat kick not sure why? It's weird, I never really knitted any hats except for baby hats (since they're so quick!) But a few weeks ago I've discovered the Wager Hat, it is a very fast and quick knit. (I'm on the last row of my Stitches East 2011 Hat aka The Wager hat.) The hat is also a slouchy hat. It's also for free, just click on the link! This is my second time knitting the hat.

I'm also hope to try:
Hermione Hearts Ron hat
Starving Artist
I know there's a third hat... but I forget.. shoot. Oh well!

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Stitches East 2011!

Yes, it's this Saturday! I'm thinking about blogging every day as a countdown till this weekend about Stitches East.. however, I'm a bit sick either with strep or a cold. (I'm having chills now.) I hope to get better by this weekend! I'm looking up patterns, and writing down lists of which booths to hit at Stitches East. This is my first fiber festival and I'm a bit excited! : D.

Happy knitting!

Friday, October 14, 2011

I can't decide what to work on..

Hm, I can't decide what to work on. I'm currently working on the Dancing Batty Shawl-and it is fun! However, I'm feeling under the weather and also working on a hat as another Christmas gift... hm. so far shawl is winning. Those two have been my TV knitting.

Some TV Shows I watch: 
1.) Good Luck Charlie (Favorite one)
2.) Full House (Only when I go to bed..)
3.) America's Got Talent
4.) The X-Factor
5.) Friends!
6.) The Office

Happy Knitting! And oh-Stitches East is next weekend! Excitement!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Itching to blog

So all morning, I've been itching to blog, haha. I feel like among the busy around here I haven't got a chance to blog. I had a long doctor app yesterday, then now I get to blog. I finished a Christmas gift (yes!) so this morning I casted on something new! Very excited and still need to create a project page for it on Rav. It's the Dancing Batty Shawl, I received the written instructions by Diane from the Knitabulls podcast. I'm also thinking of blogging about this over at the HPKCHC's blog tomorrow.

You will be seeing lots of progress on this shawl! : ).

Happy Knitting!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Click for Charity Knitting

I don't have a lot of info about this charity, however is to knit purple preemie hats. I discovered this charity while watching Katie from Knittin on the Fly. I probably can only do two hats, since she wants them by October 15th.
Yardage for each hat: 50.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Evenstar Shawl updates!!!!!

I would like to say it's done, or halfway done (not sure if even close to either haha.) But I'm making very good progress on it, and absolute love the pattern!!

Sorry.. it's not much to say right now, but I'm beginning chart three!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Socktoberfest 2011: Juliet Socks

My very first pair of socks!! I still have the left over scraps.

Socktoberfest 2011 Part Two: Jellybean socks

So I'm thinking for Socktober-I had forgotten I knitted socks in the past-not sure why. However, thanks to the podcast I watch-Knitting in Circles is doing a few give aways to enter. (I'm posting these socks..)  I think these are my second pair of socks, and I think they're also tubed socks (I was trying to find the magical pattern that I would love!)

Socktober Blog Posts:
I'm considering in blogging either once a day about socks to celebrate Socktoberfest2011. Today's spotlight is Jellybean socks. I might blog about my favorite sock patterns, give the links, or at least one pair. Hm... I love this idea!

Happy sock knitting!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Socktoberfest 2011 Goals!

(Photo from Socktoberfest 2011 Group on Ravelry.) 

It is October, and a very windy October day! Fall is in the air! As I was knitting my brother's blanket an idea for socks came to mind... and I also have two goals for this Socktoberfest. I'm considering in casting on Halloween Cabled socks using orange yarn-but not magic looping them. 

So here are my goals for Socktoberfest 2011: 
1.) Halloween Cabled Socks-using my favorite cabled pattern socks!
2.) Learn to Magic Loop 
3.) Secret Knitting {a Christmas gift for someone!}

What are your Socktoberfest goals?

DADA 2011 October Homework

Defense Against the Dark Arts
Slytherin, First year 
Option 1: Craft something simple to clear your mind 

I finally finished another project! This didn't take long, and it was a mindless pattern, great from taking a break from large projects such as the blanket, the Astronomy Owl, and the Evenstar (I believe that's all I'm knitting right now yay!) I'm also turning this in for Dramatic Knit's "Race to finish" or something like that. 

Yardage: 194 yards (I'm assuming because of the yarn label.) 
Started: October 3rd, 2011
Finished: October 4th, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Christmas 2011-Christmas Post #1

Hello!!! Tomorrow will be like "Christmas" to me, haha! I get my yarn back after three months in storage-woohoo! I'm excited, since I totally completely forgot what I have in my stash-but means more yarn for projects without purchasing! (Not that buying yarn is a bad thing-but I had that itch to destash big time. before Stitches East 11.)

Christmas gifts! I'm starting to knit Christmas gifts now and currently working on a cowl.

Great knitting Christmas gifts:
Washcloths (with personal interest)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is off to a great start!

Hello!! Just probably a quick blog unlike yesterday. October is off to a great start! I'm feeling a lot better than I did over the weekend. So okay... good news! Not sure what kind of post to call this one....

are you ready for it?
   yes I finished one of my long-term projects, FINALLY.

Okay.. even more ready?
It's my Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011! I'm doing one more post or two about this scarf, since I still need to block it. I might wait until we get into the new house in order to do it (after crazy things slow down.)-but that would be on Wednesday. I'm so glad and excited this scarf is completed-I'm considering to turn it in for an HP class, but not sure quite yet. I'm thinking about a cowl for this month (simple and brainless haha.)

I'm so excited it's finished!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Hm-lots to say! Yes, I designed the graphic above.. and blogged yesterday over at the HPKCHC. I feel like there's lots to do, but then again not really. Okay first off-I started working on the Evenstar shawl again, yes! I'm really considering in trying to finish that this month...don't know why, just had that itch! I did one round this morning-yahoo (and it has 560 or 580 stitches, whatever the amount calls for..)

KNIT-A-LONGS this month:

1.) EEKAL OCT 2011: The graphic above is for my group on Raverly. The new patterns are now posted for the KAL's.

2.) HPKCHC: New classes! I'm hoping to finish the scarf tomorrow or at some point later today-in hopes to use it for one of the classes this month.

3.) SOCKTOBERFEST: I recall back joining this group long time ago, but missed last year's Socktoberfest. Since it's the first day of October-I have this one goal, learn to magic loop and get back into socks. I at least want to do one pair of magic loop socks-cuff down. I tried toe up, they're okay-a bit tricky, and had no idea what I was doing... and at the same time, it felt strange. But that's my goal for this month.

Stitches East 2011: Yeah! It's this month! I'm excited and cannot wait... I still need to make an on-going list of the things I want to purchase. I'll make a blog entry about that at some point as well! This will be my first fiber festival. It's only two hours away from me too! Are you going?

Knitting Goals for this October: 
1.) Stitches East 2011 Scarf: We're already getting chilly weather, and my scarf would be perfect.

2.) Evenstar Shawl: I just picked it back up again, and it felt weird knitting it. "Weird" and "strange" seem to fit today! My goal is to finish it this month.

Knitting Goals for November: 

1.) Finish Alex's Blanket: I'm halfway there now, and need to get more yarn to continue.

2.) Finish Astronomy OWL: For a sec, I thought I was still writing under the subtitle for October's goals, and well that freaked me out! Haha, this isn't due until November. I'm already at the halfway mark, and need to take a photo either today or tomorrow to post in the "Midterm" thread on the HPKCHC's group.

Well that's about it!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

October 2011-Fall Fun & EEKAL!

So, it's towards the end of September, and beginning of October! October is my favorite month of the year, leaves changing, bobbing for apples, pumpkin bread, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin carving... and football! Fall has always been my favorite season (even with school starting haha). Since it is about to be October, which means new patterns for EEKAL! I am really impressed everyone is getting into the group, the conversations, and especially suggesting patterns! I know we're defiantly using one of them. I'm also creating a special graphic design for October 2011 in our EEKAL group (well since it's Halloween month...that should give a clue!) I'll post that graphic design on the post tomorrow.) I'm posting up the patterns tomorrow, since we are moving next week-not sure if I'll be able to blog or not. I'm locking the September threads on October 1st.

Anyways, happy knitting!

Monday, September 26, 2011


I feel like I haven't blogged a whole lot since I got home from North Carolina. I'm somewhat in a knitting slump, but not as bad as it could get. I'm actually being very productive today with knitting.. on my brother's VA Tech Blanket! I'm somewhat almost done with the fourth repeat, and hoped to get the fifth stripe on by either this upcoming weekend, or next week. I probably should schedule the blanket. I was hoping to get it done by Thanksgiving so he can take it to school, but he's flying. So now my goal is to finish it by December. (Which is very possible.) I've been knitting on it since I had gotten home last week, and it's going very well. I only just want to knit on the blanket (don't know why, I caught the knitting buzz for the blanket). I usually knit on the blanket when I desire something mindless and know I can be productive.

Plus I'm also trying to finish the Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011, by Stitches East.. okay so I'm ALMOST done with it, I have a feeling after this repeat or the next repeat, I could get it done!

Tuesday: Blogging for HPKCHC's blog instead of Friday!
Thursday: Warm Up America KAL!
Plurk: Add me, Annalovesheep!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Safely Home {Catching Up!}

I am now safely home from North Carolina , and catching up on knitting! I'm catching up on my brother's VA Tech Blanket, and in hopes to get far on it by Stitches East. I think that may be my focus for the next few days... as a relaxing knit. I feel that it's my "catch up" day since it's my first day home from traveling. Before I left to visit my boyfriend in NC, I hardly worked on my brother's blanket-so basically that needs to be catching up to.. and to catch up with the weekly podcasts that I watch. I hope to add the fourth stripe today.

{Travel Knitting} 
My main focus? Only ONE thing... which was about to drive me nuts, but still fun at the same time... was my Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011: 
I'm halfway there! Last time I measured was 23, scarf is suppose to be about 67 inches. I almost used up my first skein of yarn (in which I'm about to wind up the second skein of Malabrigo, Autumn Forest, into a ball.) while I was visiting! In fact, I was afraid to to work on it yesterday during flights since I was that close into running out of yarn! I think I'm working on the 11th repeat, and the scarf calls for 27 repeats to be done!

{What I'm working on now..}
I blogged above about Alex's VA Tech blanket, that may be my focus... let's see how that is!

Happy Knitting!
~Anna loves sheep~

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Year Anniversary {Sneak Peak}

Just a quick hi! I'm still in NC, and sadly returning home tomorrow. The blog post photos of our one year anniversary (Nate's and mine's) will be coming either late Wednesday or Thursday! But here's a sneak peak!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{On the Clock: On the Needles}

Yikes! I have deadlines, but no fear.. some are a month off, some are in a few months off!
The Rush-the "Race"

My Deadlines:
1.) Alex's VA TECH Blanket: I got half of it done by his birthday, and now I'm planning on doing the other half by Christmas (finishing it.) I'll work on it more before I get back from my trip. It might be my main focus.

2.) Stitches East Scarf: I've been working on this today. I'm also bringing this to my boyfriend's house. Not only that, but I hope to get it done by Stitches East! Why not show off a couple of cables and twists and purls?

3.) The Evenstar Shawl: It's a lingering-long term project, however.. it does somewhat have a deadline (by Christmas, or by the time we move into our next home as a Christmas gift to my parents.) But since it's a long, difficult shawl (I'll admit, it's a long term process so I'm in no rush in finishing this.)

4.) Last but not least: Astronomy Owl: I hope to get this done by November to complete my Astronomy Owl!

I'm back {Travel Knitting!}

Note: I didn't create this image.. found it in Google search engine. 
I'm somewhat back.. and somewhat not. I'm even considering in posting to the HPKCHC's blog again today since I'm traveling tomorrow (by myself... a little nervous, but then again not as nervous since I traveled before.)    I meant to post on 9/11/11 (on Sunday). My family flew down to visit my brother for his 19th birthday which is on 9/11. I was nervous on Friday flying down, but the travels went smoothly and I'm safely back home (until tomorrow.) I'm flying down to NC to visit my boyfriend and his family for our one year anniversary : ).

Very important note: I don't post while I'm away on travels. Not that I don't like blogging, but it gives me some sort of "vacation." I did post early last week since I was traveling on the Friday of my second post to the HPKCHC's blog.

What have I been knitting? Well I brought my:
1.) Astronomy OWL: I think I'm at my 50% mark? It still needs to be approved...I might be putting it in hibernation until it gets approved. But it is going well!
2.) Day Dream Shawlette [the Hitchhiker]: It's going well too! In fact-it's finished! I almost used up the skein of yarn from Knitpicks for this shawl, which was my goal. But it made it to 24, or 25 points.. and I went ahead of binding off (was a bit tired of working on it.) I wanted to continue, since it was a brainless knitting project.
3.) Fall into Autumn Scarf: It didn't get worked on, I mainly brought it just in case I had finished the Daydream Shawlette (which I did... last night.)

{Travel Knitting to North Carolina (Tomorrow!)}
1.) Fall into Autumn Scarf: This is defiantly going to be worked on! I'm defiantly bringing this one. It has a deadline..
2.) Twisted Rib Cowl: I'm about to start it after lunch, that way I can get a decent amount of work done, then bring it tomorrow.
3.) What three? There's not going to be a third project. The scarf itself has a deadline (fun deadline).. But the Twisted Rib Cowl will be my fun project.

{What's next to blog?}
-A blog post will be coming your way soon-"Deadlines." A lot of my projects have deadlines...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Astronomy Owl & Potions Class

Hello and welcome rainy Thursday! I might be spending this morning blogging. I do have two photos to post-one with my Astronomy OWL planning, and the second-the Potions baby hat is complete. I had wanted to do Care of Magical Creatures-but that'd take awhile. So I decided to go with Potions. I was in the car yesterday and had the extra yarn to do a baby hat, I even consider doing before for the HPKCHC.. I started it while waiting in the car, and by the time I got home I was finished and just need to sew in the ends and such. But here are the photos and the assignment for both! I'm also attaching a Milky Way photo so I can have it in the OWL proposal.
Potions Options:
Option 1 – Craft something that has decreases in it.
Option 2 – Stash deflation. Use up yarn or fiber that has been in your stash for at least 6 months and deflate it into something awesome!
Option 1: Knit, crochet, or spin a star chart. Your proposal should explain how the elements of your project (symbols, yarns, beads, etc.) portray the different celestial bodies. This is the place to use those sparkly or metallic yarns and/or beads, beads, beads.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Magic Loop!

Ever heard of the Magic Loop? I'm starting to learn this morning. Me and socks on DPN's now are not best friends. I've knitted so many socks before on DPN's, I'm ready to do some Magic Looping method. I think honestly it'll might be faster, since you're only working with circs... and not three or four needles at once. Nope, I'm not saying DPN's are horrible, but I realize I never finish the socks. Plus circular needles are better for my hands. Anywho.. here's some links on the Magic Loop tutorials.

1.) Here's Knitpicks' Tutorials:

Monday, September 5, 2011

WIPS-Week of 9/5/11

So I feel like I haven't blogged what I've been really knitting lately.. so here we go!

1.) Daydream Shawlette (Really the Hitchhiker shawlette): It's coming well, very well so far. I memorized the eight row repeat pattern, that I can get many points accomplished during the day. Since I memorized it-I usually daydream while knitting it.

2.) The Evenstar Shawl: I've defiantly been working on this one, and almost sooo close in finishing chart two! It's going well so far. I think chart three will be the longest chart so far (besides the border) since it'll have 580+ some stitches.

3.) Stitches East Scarf 2011: (Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011): Well.. it's making progress, but I'm hoping to get it done

I think that's all I can think of for the moment.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fresh Look

I've been mostly changing the blog layout a lot, and trying new things with it. But right now I have a feeling it'll stay for awhile, since it is a clean and refreshing style! Enjoy!

PS: 301 posts!!! 


So I'm traveling at the end of this week and the beginning of next week and I'm excited! We are flying, not driving this time which means I'm only bringing at least two projects.

Which are: 
1.) Charms Homework
2.) Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011 (Haven't really worked on it that much..)

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Charms-September 2011
Option 1: Show your ability to cast the need knowing charm by crafting something that you need RIGHT NOW! Did the first cold day catch you unprepared and mittens are called for? Are you tired of burning your hands on hot pans and really need a pot holder? Spinners, do you need yarn for a project right now? You will need to convince us of the urgency of your need for the item crafted.

Remember the posts I did from Spring 2011, as playing as NQFY? I think this is my second time taking charms. I'm doing the Hitchhiker shawl again, since it's easy and I could get it done in a week.. but I'm doing it in a "punk" yarn colorway from Knitpicks. I usually freeze in restaurants, or any place rather and especially after I eat. I HATE wearing jackets-don't know why, but shawls are perfect for me. 

I just blogged here!

Go to this link and go see my first blog post for the Harry Potter Knitting & Crocheting House Cup!!!

Happy Reading!

Evenstar Shawl Updates

Well yesterday I had about 3 to 4 hour nap since I was so exhausted, which sent me afterwards to work on the Evenstar Shawl. I love the fact I got it picked up again. I gotten really far.. I guess you can say to the halfway point of chart two. I'm not neglecting the shawl, my goal is to eventually get to the 580 something stitches-to see if I can carry it on the plane when I travel this month.

Happy knitting!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

History of Magic OWL Swatches Proposals

Since today's the first day of September....welcome, welcome September 2011! Most of this morning was about swatching, I just wanted to turn in my proposal OWL unexpectedly for some reason. So I did four by four squares for Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy before I do any other knitting (just to get out of the way.) I feel somewhat productivity now with knitting and can't wait to start back working on the scarf. ANYWHO almost getting off topic.
HoM Option 2: Craft an object or objects that interpret at least 3 characters from the Harry Potter stories. Spinners may create a yarn for each character. There should be enough yarn to make an adult-size pair of socks or mittens using each character’s yarn.

That is the actual assignment, and now above (or below however this posts) are the swatches photos. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Last day of August 2011!

Finally it's the last day of August! I've been waiting for this day forever. A lot of KAL's for September start tomorrow. It's really been a long good month of August, and I'm ready for it to be over. Fall is my favorite season, and of course for knitting! I started this scarf last night, and went to get Malabrigo yarn for my Fall 2011 scarf (and I keep falling in love with Malabrigo!) I also might use this yarn for History of Magic OWL for the Fall Term for the Harry Potter KAL-which starts tomorrow yay!! I'm super excited!!! I actually get to start blogging for them on Friday (Friday Firstie).

So the KAL's for this month starts during this week:
1.) Harry Potter KAL 
2.) The September KAL in my Epic Everything KAL... the threads for September unlock! 
3.) Mother Bear Project begins this Friday. 

Eeek I love fall! The changing leaves, Halloween (second favorite holiday.), October is my all time favorite month of the year (besides July) and not only that, but my boyfriend and mine's one year anniversary is on September 17th, 2011. (so basically if really to count down would be 16 days tomorrow, and I fly down to visit and celebrate with him on September 14th).

A lot is going on this month that I'm super excited about-okay mainly because of Fall!!!!! It's actually becoming Autumn here since the days are getting shorter. Can you tell I love Fall? I'm planning on making lots of Cowls-maybe even scarves (depending how much yarn I have.)

Happy Almost Autumn!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011

Today, I went to a yarn store in Boston... and fell in love with malabrigo yarn all over again-literally. I love knitting with it, and love how it works so well with cables-and I don't have to struggle with cables because of this yarn. I found a great cabled pattern for my Autumn 2011 scarf. I'll take photos as the progress grows and I'm excited!! I hope to finish this by Stitches East!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Slythering into Slytherin!

The sorting hat has sung last night! I am first year Slytherin, so I made a little graphic design thing for my Raverly avatar for this Fall Term 2011!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lost Double Pointed Needle : (

Sad to say... I did loose my DPN, and of course I'm sure after I post this-I'll find it in my bed sheets. I have no idea where it went! Ugh.. and I want to finish my boyfriend's pig really bad : (.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene..

Nothing horrible is happening here so far, the storm should get here tomorrow (I'm in the New England area...) Right now we're just getting pouring down rain-but it seems like typical New England weather currently. But everything I think either starts later tonight or tomorrow. And since I'm blogging we haven't lost power yet!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Whoa?! Where the small projects came from?!

Yeah, exactly what I've been thinking about lately, well today. I don't know what happened-really.. when I casted on few projects here and there..

so here's what I'm working on:
1.) Nate's Anniversary gift (see the project page on my Rav notebook and our one year anniversary is Sept 17th.)
2.) Owl Hat(I'm almost finished with the owl cable pattern-so I could finish this one.)
3.) Mother Bear Project KAL. (Just working on the legs on the back of the bear now..)

I think that's it. Shocking.. three small projects? Finally!
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs {annalovesheep}

Mother Bear Project KAL

With September 2011 coming around the corner, the Mother Bear Project will start on September 2, 2011. The goal is to knit bears! The pattern costs $5.00 but the $$ goes to the charity! I already got the pattern and the yarn yesterday... and I'm really excited to cast on. I'm considering in doing this KAL on the Epic Everything KAL group. The bears are also super cute! The link is in the heading above. I'm also might be creating a page for this. Oh, the pattern is snailmailed to you! I had ordered it almost a week ago, it took about three or five days (I think). I heard about the Mother Bear Project KAL from the Podcaster Challenge.

Mother Bear Project's Podcasters that are doing this KAL:
1.) Mommyneedsyarn
2.) 90% Knitting
3.) Knitabulls
4.) Dramatic Knits (I think..)
5.) Knitting Blooms (I'm mainly knitting for Tina and Erin..)

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Well I've been posting yesterday, but not for the "WIPS" part-opps! Maybe Thursday should be my WIPS? Anywho, yes I did the swatch for my Astronomy OWL, and it came out very pretty! That posted yesterday.

Here's the WIPS:
1.) Alex's VA TECH blanket: Almost done with the third repeat..
2.) The Evenstar Shawl: Just finished row 27 on chart two yesterday-might be taking a mini break from it.
3.) An Owl Hat: A very good knitting pattern with cables!! I've been working on this most of today, and absolutely loving it. I could finish it later today or tomorrow (my guess.)

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Astronomy Owl Swatch

Yes... I actually did the Astronomy Owl Swatch yahoo! It's a very very pretty design, and very very pretty swatch! I love the yarn I choose out for the shawl, and it's actually worked out very well-and now I'm excited for the shawl!

Evenstar Shawl Updates...

Since the Evenstar is a big shawl, I'm thinking about taking photos after completing each chart. However, this is the midway point (I'm calling it midway) of chart two. I'm on row 24 when I pick it back up again. I should finish chart two this week (in hopes). Enjoy the photos!

What to call this post?

Exactly. I have so much to say in one post-but with that I'm thrilled to be home finally! That means I'm hoping my new knitting books will be coming in the mail any day now. I had received the confirmation of my order being shipped a few days ago. I also ordered the Mother Bear Project's pattern last Sunday (I'm guessing it'll get here this weekend.. or late this week.) I have slightly a few knitting plans I want to work on.

On this trip of taking the brother down to college-I had only worked on VA Tech's Blanket, and the Evenstar shawl. I only had a washcloth as my small project, and got it done in a day. (I'm desperate now in wanting to do another small project.... such as this one here. (Click the link, it's a surprise project-but it does involve Rebecca Danger since I'm getting one of her books this week.

Here's hope to what I'll knit this week:
1.) The pattern above: I think it might be an addictive knit..
2.) A very cute Owl hat.
3.) A tree frog washcloth (or a tree washcloth..)
4.) Start the swatch for the Astronomy Owl-my Shetland Pi Shawl by Wendy D. Johnson.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Special EEKAL

Special EEKAL~Week of August 22, 2011~
Since I'm getting the book: Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger....
This's week for EEKAL Special Pattern:
Too cute!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Patterns, books, oh my!

Well... my Raverly group "Epic Everything KAL, EEKAL" already knows this. But I had ordered a few books with Christmas money from Amazon last night, and thoroughly excited to be getting them in the mail sometimes this week or next week.

They are... drum roll please...

1.) Cowl Girl-The Neck's Big Thing to Knit (I forget the author-but it's a popular book-plus Cowls are quick, and I only love cowls over than scarves. Scarves just get in the way..)

2.) Big Book of Knitted Monsters by Rebecca Danger (Defiantly excited for this book!) and I almost casted on the chirpy chirp pattern (maybe I will..)

3.) Spud and Chloe at the Farm by Susan B. Anderson: I'm also thrilled about this book too, and it's a story book!

With those two books Spud and Chloe at the Farm by Susan B. Anderson plus Big Book of Knitted Monsters-I had put up a poll on my Rav group to see which book they want to knit through first. I might skip around with the patterns on my own and knit them either for my new room (gota love stuff toys...) or as gifts.

Any who, and for patterns. I finally ordered the Mother Bear Project pattern this morning, and I'm guessing it'll get there next week (I'm assuming by the rest of the podcasters) This is apart of the Podcaster's Challenge.. and I'm excited it's for a charity!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Circular Shawls-Astronomy Owls-Two Circs Shawls?

Okay, so I think I'm pretty sure I know what I'm finally doing for the Astronomy Owl, and got the pattern set up-I just need to get the materials. Which brings me to circular shawls. I was planning on doing the Evenstar shawl (but I can't seem to stop working on it until September 1st! for the HPCKC on Raverly)-but I think I may be doing the Shetland Pi Shawl by Wendy D. Johnson. I'll start the swatch and look more into the pattern when I get back home from taking the brother to college on Tuesday. (We leave Monday from Blacksburg.) But I am excited about this, and I'm hoping I can get halfway through the knitting part for the Evenstar shawl before I start this.

So far I'm only working:
1.) Alex's Blanket
2.) The Evenstar Shawl.
Wow only those two?
I usually have more than five things on the needles-don't know how it came to that. And Oh! Now I probably knit Alex's blanket in the car, so I could get halfway on the blanket on Monday (I'm dreaming...) and finish the stripe tomorrow.

Halloween Washcloth Series

Since it's almost Halloween (okay okay, not quite... but two months out) I started Halloween/Fall knitting a little bit early. Here is the pumpkin washcloth.

last of washcloths.. Charlie Brown series

Here are the last of the few washcloths I've made. I'm thinking of casting on another washcloth, not sure if Halloween related or not. The washcloths here have been already mailed to my boyfriend, hopefully will be getting it soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011


As in past few posts, I am blogging for them! (Well the HPCKC! on Raverly!) I am looking up now (and preparing) for the Fall season 2011 knitting items. Last term (Spring11) I played as a NQFY (and knew nothing about the group.) I think I completed the classes Charms, Muggle Studies (the last class) and I forget the first class. But anyways. I'm also thinking about doing a Herbology OWL exam this semester as well. Not only that, but I am looking up patterns for Fall 2011 such as knitting Halloween washcloths, cowls, hats, and such. I would do scarves-but I like cowls a lot better (and it wouldn't be tight like scarves, and scarves wouldn't get in the way.) I'm thinking about knitting a sweater-but not quite sure yet.

Here's some links I've found and my Raverly's queue at a glance! Fun Fact: I just have about 113 patterns queued, and four pages in queue... seesh.
Cabled Ipod Cover just something very random, involves more practice for cables, and a bit "challenging" might use for an HP class this term.

KAL FRIDAY POSTS: I'm thinking I'll be posting KAL news on Friday's including my Epic Everything KAL (I'm still doing that with the HPCKC.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Great News!

Hello!! In combination with "WIPS Wednesdays" I have good news! Hmm... I'll share that at the end ;).

THE WIPS real fast..

1.) Witch in Flight Washcloth: It's a green cotton washcloth-Peaches N' Cream, (I have tons of the green!) I haven't really been working on this all day since I wanted at least a tiny bit of a break from washcloths. But I am getting ready for Halloween (two months early!!)

2.) Pirate Punky Socks: Can't you tell I'm getting into Halloween? Haha.. But really-I got antsy this week for Halloween 2011 stuff...okay now I'm itchy to work on the washcloth! Okay okay, I'm at the heel gusset decrease. This sock seems small to me even though I'm doing it with a really good pattern I always use for socks. [But then again I do have small feet!]

3.) Alex's Tech Blanket: Since from the last two weeks of traveling-I've made lots of progress on it, including starting the second repeat of the blanket pattern. And now I'm just finishing the second repeat. I'm traveling AGAIN this weekend (through Tuesday.)

4.) I feel like there's something else-but I'm forgetting..

HPCKC (Harry Potter Cup Knitting Crocheting) on Raverly.
I made STAFF this Fall 2011! I'm suppper excited! And guess to what?
To blog for them! [Yes I am still blogging for my own personal knitting blog too] I'm super excited to start this!

Click on the link "And guess to what?" to go to their blog.
I MADE sure I signed up for the sorting ceremony so I can be a first year for Fall Term 2011-since I played as a NQFY Spring 2011 (that flew by!)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Charlie Brown Washcloth Photos

Here are finally the photos for the Charlie Brown washcloths-they are also posted on each of their notebook pages on Raverly.

Those are most of the photos I have so far, and just completed Shroudor washcloth (in one day!) and also completed Sally before that. I'm hoping we can mail my boyfriend's gift to him before we leave for VA TECH on Thursday.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Knitting Updates

Knitting Updates, forgot to post for "What's on my Needles" on Wednesday!

I only have about three WIPS so far which are:

1.) Alex's VA TECH Blanket-getting some progress on it, just marked row 27 on my notes page on the second repeat. So it is getting a bit of work done! Almost done with the second repeat.

2.) SALLY-the washcloth: My last washcloth of the Charlie Brown series I'm knitting for my boyfriend's belated birthday. Reached 20th row, and could finish by tomorrow or Monday. Hope to get in the mail before taking the bro to college. This is the last one, so I should be able to.

3.) Evenstar shawl: I am making good progress so far! Halfway done with chart one! Woot!

Knitpicks Orders this week:
Yes... I finally mentioned few posts back about knitpicks orders. I can't decide to cast on another shawl, or do some socks out of my fun yarn-punky yarn.

Off to Saturday cleaning. Sorry it's a bit late!
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

~The Evenstar Shawl~

Yes! I finally casted on, which means I got my yarn yesterday for it! It's looking so beautiful so far and I'm so excited about it, and how somewhat easy (I'm saying this now..) how the pattern is coming out.

Where I'm at: Row four for CHART ONE.
Size Needles: Size 4 Circs for now, then transitioning to the Knitpicks size 3, 32" cables. I've also started out with size 2 dpns, then used my size 7 addi turbo's...
Yarn Used: Pearlescene, Laceweight from Knitpicks.

-We are having a thread for the Evenstar here. on my Raverly's group Epic Everything KAL I have 85 members as it is growing, yippee!
-My project page is here.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Charlie Brown Birthday Gift

So... this is a very belated birthday gift to my honey. But my boyfriend's and mine's nicknames are Lucy and Charlie Brown. While on vacation, I decided to knit Charlie Brown themed washcloths. I'm making GREAT progress on all of them so far-more than I can imagine. I wouldn't say before I hated washcloths, but now I really love them.

But here's the four I've done so far (normally I would just do one.):

1.) Charlie Brown (of course, it was the first one!): I did this on normal sock yarn..

2.) Lucy!! (That's me! That was my second one completed over vacation.)
Before the Lucy washcloth-I went shopping for really good cotton yarn-best cotton yarn I've knitted with!

3.) Snoopy!! Can't forget Snoopy!

4.) Marcie: I JUST finished Marcie today (or well just minutes before posting..)

Next up:

1.) Linus
2.) & Sally! (And I'll be finished!)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WIPS-on Wednesday (A little Late)

A bit late in posting and meant to post last night. This is something I'm going to try and blog about: Works-in-Progress Wednesday. Last night I was going to post-but too tired (Haha). Then on Friday's I'll have Finished Object Fridays.

Let's begin!

1.) Alex's VA TECH blanket: I worked on it quite a bit while I'm at the beach. I'm going back tomorrow (just probably not today.) But I made an easy mistake to fix, it only took awhile to tink back the mistake (about 199 stitches!) So with that being said, wasn't so happy about tinking back. I added the orange a bit too soon. But now I know what I'm doing!

2.) Charlie Brown's Washcloth Series: I'm getting back into washcloths for some reason. I forgotten each row is different, and it's really neat seeing the washcloth become a washcloth. I just recently went yarn shopping for more washcloths, and started Lucy yesterday. (I'm halfway done with her.) I also finished Charlie Brown washcloth at the beginning of this week.

Happy Knitting!
Anna Elizabeth Designs

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Quick Blog Post & EEKAL

This will be a very quick blog post, since I'm off to Hilton Head, SC! Very excited to be able to knit on the beach!

EEKAL: (Epic Everything KAL), will be starting on August 1st, 2011. Even though I'll be at the beach, it'll still be starting. I've already began knitting the baby socks!

What's on my Needles:

1.) Baby Socks-EEKAL: I'm almost done with the first sock, and indeed started the toe decrease. I had to modify the pattern a lot, but luckily I have experience with socks to understand what I'm doing. Haha.

2.) Alex's Tech Blanket: Coming very well! I think I'm on Row 19 or Row 18.. and it calls for 36 rows repeat to finish the first repeat.

Happy knitting!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

EEKAL Excitement!

In case you haven't really noticed on the last few posts-I am doing a knit-a-long on Raverly! I just haven't had the time to blog about it and so forth, but to only post the graphics so I can post on the group. Speaking of group-we have 53 members so far, and it just opened up last night! Excitement squeal! I didn't expect to be so many, especially since I don't record a podcast. But it is a knit-a-long for everything down to baby socks and hats! Fill free to join by clicking the link! The KAL will start on Monday, August 1st, 2011!

Oh-I also redid the blog to look more clean and professional!
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

EEKAL's Project Page

Here is a graphic for your project page in your notebook! Fill free to download it and save it.

1. Right Click
2.) "Save Image As."

Epic Everything KAL 2011 Banners & Ravaters

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Projects-Finished Projects

So yesterday we had another five hour travel by car to VA Tech for my bro's orientation. (By the way, his blanket is going well!) I was determined to get far in the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy D. Johnson, however I finished it! I was focused on this one actually as much as possible-so the brother's blanket did not really get a lot of work done (saving this for the beach next week!) It's one of the most beautiful shawls I've seen and fell in love with.

Here's the projects I want to work on:
1.) The Evenstar Shawl: I'm probably most likely starting this when we get back from vacation. I might be ordering the yarn next week or later tonight using my uncle's birthday gift card. It could be a gift for my parents to use as a decoration in our new house. I've already bought the pattern, and planned out some materials, and I'm still studying the pattern.

2.) Little monsters by Rebecca Danger. I don't think they're called little monsters, but I have an idea I want to do with one of them-a gift for someone special to me. I'm ordering the book soon.

What's on my Needles:
1.) HITCHHIKER SHAWL At first I was a bit sketchy about that shawl, don't know why. It's one of those to watch it grow and see. But I'm liking the pattern now, easy to knit and mindless at the same time. Could finish it by the end of this week. I'm calling it "Hitchhiking to Hilton Head 2011" I'm knitting it finally with the knitpicks blue stroll.

2.) ALEX'S BLANKET: The blanket is getting semi worked done. I'm usually working on a main project during the day, and since it has a mindless easy pattern I save it for the night time. Last night I was adding the second white row, but was extremely tired and didn't finish the row. (need to finish it now!)

Well that's it!
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm back!!!

I'm back again! I've been moving, and was knitting less during it since I finished the blanket on the last night in the house. (Really on the last night!) The ends are woven in as you can tell in earlier posts when I was posting for the Stash Dash (and I finished the Stash Dash!) My summer KAL's are now over-well except for one sort of.

I'm starting now to get into shawls and blankets-they're really are becoming my thing. I've just finished the Darcy Shawlette, and right now I'm in the middle of the SUMMER MYSTERY SHAWLETTE!! It's such a fun pattern, and I wished I kept up with it when I started the blue one-but it's defiantly working out a lot better than before. I'm doing it in black and sparkly so it could be a formal shawl. I finally found what I love knitting for which are shawls, shawlettes, and blankets. Sure I knit socks, but not so much any more. (I don't know why?) Maybe I'll pick it up again in the car this weekend.

Speaking of blankets, my brother is about to go off to VA Tech (and we're visiting this week at the school).. so I'm making him a college blanket with VA Tech's colors. I'm super excited about it. So shawls, shawlettes, and blankets get me the most excited. I was sketchy at first about shawls-but they turn out so pretty, especially with the Summer mystery shawlette in black. (haven't really seen that one before.)

So speaking of shawl patterns-I splurged last night, well I splurged a lot buying patterns this week (I never do, I always go for the free ones.)

I ended up splurging shopping for:
1.) The Hitchiker Shawl (my first bought pattern, and I've always wanted it.)
2.) Ethan's College Blanket (Will now become Alex's college blanket...)
3.) and finally... THE EVENSTAR SHAWL. This one I'm mostly excited for. I'll probably cast on and order supplies once we get back from vacation. I'll only be working on this and Alex's blanket, since the SMS will most likely already be done. (Maybe I'll try to finish it before we leave on Sunday.)

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Monday, July 18, 2011

Darcy Shawlette

Muggle Studies-July 2011

Not only I just finished my very first shawl EVER and it actually turns out right, but I did it for the Muggle Studies-July 2011:

Option 1: Knit, crochet, weave, spin or dye something inspired by a fairy tale. Tell us which fairy tale you chose and how your homework fits the story. Your homework may represent an actual character in the story, or an important item in the story, or just the tone or mood of the story. Professor cindiknits thinks it would be very cool to see hand-spun or hand-dyed “gingerbread house” yarn, and Professor FlyKytten is hoping for hand-dyed yarn or fiber evoking “Snow White and Rose Red."

So I'm considering with that option-the shawl could be for Little Red Riding Hood : ).

Summer 2011 Blanket Photoshoot

I did a mini photoshoot with my blanket (just now) so I can upload to the Knitgirlll's Stash Dash 2011, in order to complete it. I'm guessing it's about 3,000 yards.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

-Big FO's-!

So last night... I finished... my BLANKET. The final name for it is Summer 2011 blanket, honestly I was going to wait till Hilton Head to finish it (with a long car ride.) However, I tried out my blanket yesterday after finishing the tenth yellow stripe. The blanket's pattern called for thirteen stripes of the purple. I had that huge feeling my blanket was done, so I tried it. And... I almost fell asleep under my blanket yesterday (while it was still on the needles! ha!) Last night I binded it off.. now I just need to weave in the ends! It'll count for the Stash Dash yes, and I'm giving it about 3,000 yards.. I mean it is a blanket! I'm so excited yet sad at the same time. What long term project to work on now?

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Knitting Slump-not so much

Weird right? These next couple of days will be busy because we are moving. At the beginning of this week I was in a knitting slump, I think i just needed a new project! Well thanks to Alana Dakos with the pattern, "Shawl Collared Cowl" I'm working on now, defiantly helped with the knitting slump! I love this pattern very much, and I see myself knitting the pattern over and over again! I'm already at the six inch mark, and it needs to be 9 inches before I start decreasing (I think.) I just started this yesterday! What a fast knit! Anyways...

here's "What's on my Needles":
1.) Malabrigo (I've just started knitting with this yarn, that I fell in love with it!) So I'm calling the Shawl Collared Cowl "Malabrigo" on my Rav page.

2.) I've Made up my mind Tank: I've started this I think a week ago.. and knitting on it every now and then.

3.) Princess Peach Socks: My first cotton bamboo summer socks. Defiantly summer socks. I'm excited about them, and they are my travel knitting. I'm about at the gusset decrease.

4.) Longest Long Term Blanket: With much more traveling, and a long car trip down to Hilton Head-I've been somewhat working on the blanket. I'm dying to do shawls... but I want to finish this blanket first before any huge project and long term project. I started this blanket back in April.

1.) I've finished the Florida Shirt back in Florida of course, already been some blog posts about it. However, I still need to seem it up! I find that I'm a process knitter-not a finished object knitter. I need to get in the habit of finishing.

2.) Baktus Scarf: Finished it! Yes, I need to weave in the ends.. yes I am a process knitter. Can't you tell?

1.) I randomly typed in scarf in the pattern search of Rav. Then I found this gorgeous scarf with cables. I'm considering each winter I could make one scarf for myself, make it a tradition. I've already have the idea of which yarn to use in this one. Might start this after we move.

2.) The Evenstar shawl. This is a dream shawl.. so I might consider serious thinking with it. I've researched what yarn, the pattern, other's people project pages already today. But I want to majorly finish the blanket first. This would probably be my second major long term project. Even if I were to start this.. hopefully I'll get other projects done. Yeah, I'm hesitating..

Thursday, July 7, 2011

SMS- Clues Part One & Part Two

Almost completed Clue Two, so here is a photo so far!

Charms Homework July 2011

Option 1: Construct something that opens and closes: a bag, a cardigan, a pair of gloves with buttons at the wrist, a bonnet that fastens under the chin. Use your imagination. When in doubt, remember buttons and other fasteners.

I'm deciding to take Charms again this month, not sure if I remember taking it in the other months? Haha, I'm just waking up! But I finished the bag-and on my Rav page I'm naming it "Not quite a pig bag." But here is the finished homework assignment and ready to turn in!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Mystery Shawlette Part Two

Here's the notebook page on my Rav for this project. I'm defiantly taking my time on this one with the clues!


So today I consider on challenging myself. Really challenging that I am a little nervous, with 241 stitches about to be on the needles! Yes, I'm talking about the popular Summer Mystery Shawlette. Have I finished the Baktus yet? Nope. Have I finished the Florida Shirt? Well honestly almost! I just got to sew up the seems and edges! So I barely just finished up two projects (My not quite a pig bag) and the shirt. I wanted to cast on another tank.. but I think that might wait until Hilton Head (yes another vacation!) So I'm doing the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy D. Johnson. Every podcaster does this, and now I'm participating a bit late. It was just calling my name.

So I'm about to go and cast on 241 stitches haha! Wish me luck! My blanket is a bit less than this! More like 170ish stitches, and I can't even complete a whole row in a day now. I'm defiantly taking the blanket to Hilton Head with me since we'll be driving down.

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Monday, July 4, 2011

Meet Pollyanna Part One

Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA)
July 2011
Option 3: “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.“~Thomas Aquinas - Make something that reminds you of a strong friendship that you have.

I love knitting animals, and I've been itching to get another project bag. I've been searching for a project bag all over Disney but couldn't find one. I've mentioned in an earlier post about this project-and gave a sneak peek. I am creating a pig bag, and naming it Pollyanna (Okay being selfish and naming it after me, and I like the name Polly.) Behind the story of the bag is from my boyfriend's and mine's relationship... read the earlier post about it! Or you can check my Raverly project page here.

With that being said-I'm halfway done with the body of the bag-marking my percent to 55%. There's still a few parts added to the bag after the body of the bag is completed. However I consider the body of the bag the main part of the project. Photos will be coming in part two-the finishing project.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I'm considering of blogging after finishing only each project I'm currently working on, by posting photos for the Harry Potter group & the Stash Dash!

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

I'm back!

I'm back from Disney, sad to say! But I'm also glad I'm home! I did get to knit a little bit, but actually not that much. I did have some days where I didn't knit at all. Then again-I only knitted during lines for rides. Here's some photos from Hogwarts and Disney. Hogwarts was amazing! I do have a lot of exciting news for knitting and will share in this post.

Exciting Knitting News:
1.) Florida Shirt: I changed the name of the Carrot Top to Florida shirt, since I've been working on it in Florida. Yes, I finished it today! All I need to do is sew it together!

2.) Half FO's: Is the Baktus shawl I'm working on, and still need to finish it. Almost done, just got to pick it back up!

What's on my Needles:
1.) For right now-the new Harry Potter class for July 2o11: DADA! I'm doing option 3 in which it's about you knit something to represent a friendship. So I'm crafting a pig project bag to represent my boyfriend's and mine's relationship. It's an inside joke, that he snorts in my ear like a pig. Need to say more? I won't be blogging a lot about this project, not sure how quick of a project it'll be after finishing the 8 inches.

Up Next on my needles: I have a lot of projects I want to do!
1.) The pig project bag I started today
2.) Summer cotton socks
3.) A cowl

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer ELEVEN Fashion

Earlier in blogging I've mentioned the Carrot Top I'm working on, I'm still working on it. I'm making very good progress!! I am defiantly making a page for Summer Eleven Fashion, since now I'm starting getting into sweaters and tanks for the summer. As for my Carrot Top, I might finish it in Disney!! Yesterday I've worked on the shoulders, and hopefully I'll get past that part since I completed the shoulders.

Next up on my list of sweaters and tanks is the "Make Up Your Mind" tank, I think I already made up my mind in wanting to knit this! ;). haha. I might start it at Disney after finishing the Carrot Top of course!

Shawls! I'm still working on a Baktus shawl, and not really sure if I'm going to take that with me or not. I want to focus on these two projects at Disney. I don't want to take a lot with me.

Socks! I am bringing socks to Disney with me, will help to wait in line for rides and things in between.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cute Cotton! Baby Hat

So just a few seconds ago, I thought of a cute idea for a cotton set to celebrate summer. I'm thinking of doing a Cowgirl Cotton set, with possibly two cow baby bibs-one black and one red. I might even include a matching hat (we'll see.) However, I just started a cotton hat (not related to this set) to celebrate summer, and to add another hat to the OWl examine I'm doing for the Harry Potter knitting. I think I might be up to 14 hats now?? I do a hat every now and then, and especially when I go somewhere (like I'm about to now.) Knitting hats are an easy project to travel with. Socks are okay, however I'm always afraid that I'll lose a DPN (like I did with the boat sigh.) And I'm afraid to lose my knitpicks DPNS as well (the metal ones that are really slippery.)

Anyways, those are my thoughts I might do in the future. Not sure if I'll start it today or during Disney. (We'll see.) At least I want a baby project going... they're so simple and easy. And I finished the baby sweater yesterday!

Happy Summer of knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Baby's Summer Sweater Part Three

I'll post the links to the previous blog entries, however the sweater is done!!!! I'm guessing it's about 300 yards or 400 yards.. for this sweater. I'm guessing 300. It can be either for a boy or girl, even though the background is a little girlish (sorry!) I wanted a cute background photo for the sweater.

Size: 6 months.

This is the first finished object for this week yipee!!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Four Days & FO's!

Four days till DISNEY!
& Major FO's!

I'm super excited about this week! It's actually going by really fast than I expected for Disney. I still need to finish some projects, and to finish packing. I'm in the mood to finish some projects before I leave for Disney, that way I can actually start something very new when I return (July 3rd.)

Since I have finishitis I have almost finished:

1.) A baby's summertime sweater. (I might change the name, and I just got a couple of ends to weave in!)

2.) Christmas knitting (almost done, just got to decrease!)

3.) Maybe a pair of socks, that's the next thing up to finish. But I may take this to Disney with me and on the plane.

What are your FO's?
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer!

Splashing into Summer!

Welcome Summer 2011!!! Woot! I'm so excited and ecstatic I will be leaving for Disney this Sunday! I didn't realize this is actually the first day of summer until several posts from my friends' facebook statuses! Haha! I'm thinking about posting something Harry Potter related each day, like the theme song and such-like a mini countdown. I also may be posting a lot less next week-of course Disney!

Here's what I'm going to have as FO's this week:
1.) The baby sweater (I'm working on the second sleeve, finished the right side, now just got to finish the left yay!)
2.) Maybe Nannie's Rainy Day Socks. (maybe.)

1.) The same old blanket.... The Longest Long term blanket. I knit on it every now and then.
2.) I'm going to frog half of my sweater that I messed up on, The Carrot Top. So I can bring it to Disney.
3.) My "Mystery" shawl.. it's not really a mystery, but more of a secret gift for somebody for Christmas. It is a shawl though, and on my Raverly project page. It's the first project.

That's basically all I can think of now.
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blogging Less | A week to Disney!

So I realize I haven't been blogging a lot, been busy with family this week! Yesterday we went sailing for two hours which was fun and relaxing. Yes, I did bring knitting. Yes, I really wanted to knit on the boat. However, I lost a DPN I needed to knit with in the car on the way to the docks : (. I could've gotten two hours worth of knitting. Sadly, I probably won't be blogging a lot this week either, or the week after-I'll be in Disney! Today marks the one week till Disney!!! I'm hesitating to pack today or wait till later this week. I might just pack today and get it over with. So...

The KNITTING I hope to FINISH this week:
1.) Father Day socks [I got to the heel flap finally on the first sock today, I know it's late.. but I'm sure I can get them done this week hopefully.]
2.) The baby's yellow summertime shirt. I only have two more steps to do, I could finish it today or tomorrow. [Might finish it after I do the packing.]

That's basically it for the knitting this week.. shocker.. I'm sure there's more.

The KNITTING I hope to PACK:
1.) Socks! (Nannie's Rainy Day socks, and perhaps the second sock of Father's Day socks.)
2.) My red yarn.. I'm not sure how much yarn I'm going to bring with me. That's one of them. I'm dying to knit something out of red.
3.) My Carrot Top!! I'm hoping to fix it later this week and to be able to bring that project with me.
4.) Harry Potter OWl hats.

I'm taking a mini tote bag or something so I'll probably pack my knitting stuff in there.
Happy Summer!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sock Plans | Colorway Comfort

Well I feel like I haven't blogged in awhile, nor checked my blog. Today I've got a whole bunch of sock yarn at Joann's! Yes! I've been meaning to add to my sock yarn stash ever since I've started knitting socks. I have plans for each of the sock yarn-including some of them related to Twilight (maybe.) I had searched on Rav for Twilight sock patterns, but sadly they are charts and they have 64 sts co, I'm no where near 64 sts co. Right now I'm (well last night) I started to knit for Father's Day. I've been trying to think of gifts to knit..

Twilight Socks: Here's my plan, I got a firey-looking red that I love. I do like red, but not that much-so I'm stepping out of colorway comfort (hey I like how that sounds!) First I thought of Vampire Red for my socks. I have not started these socks yet... but I am taking them to Disney. I like sketching out plans for socks. I'm not really sure of how I can make them relate to Twilight than just the red.

Anyways-those are just a few of my sock plans. I might be using my signature sock pattern I have for all of the socks, unless I find an easy, my size kind of sock patterns. I love socks! [But I might have a sock burn out this summer... sad to say. I'm already itching to cast on a pair for me, since both socks I'm working on is gifts. Self-fish I know ha!]

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Review #1 | Baby Hats!

Sorry weekly reviews are a bit late to start! Let's make them on Mondays right? Any who, here's a simple review this week: BABY HATS! As you know I'm participating in Harry potter's Knitting & Crocheting House Cup on Raverly. My OWl examine consists of creating 25 baby hats by August, sounds a lot right? I already have about eleven done (need to finish one to count it but I probably will at the last minute, haha.) I love baby hats they're so quick and easy, and fast. I started one last night, and just finished it. I would've finished it last night but it was getting pretty late for me. But here's the baby hat with ribbing named, "Cute baby Ribbing Hat." I'm also posting this for the Stash Dash, hey it's more yardage! More like 40 yardage.. haha.