Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Romance Texture Project

So I am posting real quick before I scoot to class. Yesterday I worked on the best project that actually turned out pretty good. (I will probably go into more details about it later, this is just a summary). However, our project for graphic design is about texture collage (but mainly showing texture...) I decided to do the theme on 'love', dating and marriage to honor God. I manage to get the project done in four hours including laying it all out, sketching, and then using the glue gun. To me, it was a miracle to have the acrylic paint (fell in love with them yesterday), and glue gun dry so fast! I did not expect that. It ways fun and worth working on the project yesterday, time flew by and before I knew it was time for bed! Anyways, after my English class is over, I'll post on what the symbols represents.

Here's a little sneak peak preview of what the project was coming along!

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