Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 3-Yellow & Blue COLORFUL.

Yellow has to be one of my favorite colors, blue comes first! Take note, I like roses, but NOT generally Love love love roses... I'll take roses on occasions, but yellow sunflowers are my favorite flowers, oh yes-- I know these photos are not sunflowers (I wish I had photos of them though..) Yellow is one of my favorite colors just because it's sunny, it's cheerful and happy. I know the post is about reasons why I love yellow, but I've got to brag about the color blue too. Why blue? Blue may seem to be depressing, but to me it's calming and peaceful. With yellow, it's loud-my personality is between yellow and blue. Blue reminds me of home because I live about fifteen minutes away from the beach, and it also reminds me of the RAIN!!! Maybe I should also attach Dory from Finding Nemo, one of my favorite characters from that movie and of course yellow and blue!! Both colors I love and both colors make me happy!

Day 3-- Yellow & Blue COLORFUL.

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