Friday, November 5, 2010


I feel like it's been a long time since I last posted, but then again it may have been a couple of days. Today was my first time getting back to knitting! It seemed strange, yet it felt so good to just pick up a set of knitting needles, and watch a project form right in front of my eyes. Knitting to me is a great stress relief and I can just go on and on about it. Ever since this past summer, more specifically since May 2010, I've been knitting for charity, for this organization-Neighbors Helping Newborns. From Neighbors Helping Newborns, my online shop is born, "Anna Elizabeth Designs." I am still knitting for them for Christian Service this semester as well. I also sell my knitting on I basically knit baby hats, baby sweaters, baby anything. My general area I mostly knit is baby hats (fast, quick, easy, and fun!) The links are below of where you can search my knitting items. Yes, I also do graphic works for these!
Please become a fan if you want more updates of sales and Neighbors Helping Newborns. Here is a hat, for a sample I do. I knitted this for Neighbors Helping Newborns.

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