Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baby Shower Gift Set (Revision)

Baby Shower Gift Set Special
Post #2-No baby booties. REVISION.

Baby Shower Gift Set Special Revision:
1.) Baby Boy Hat
2.) Pink Baby Headband
3.) Blue Baby Headband
4.) Baby Girl Hat.
THERE ARE NO BABY BOOTIES! I've tried to make baby booties last night with the same pattern, just trying something different. However, it turned out okay, but it just did not look right with the set. Plus without the baby booties, I can have the set ready to go for Christmas, and have a sale on New Years Day for the Baby Shower Gift Set.

Baby Shower Gift Set Completion:
1.) Baby Boy Hat (this hat is defiantly done!)
I know there's not a lot done quite yet, but I will be working on the headbands tonight.

Baby Shower Gift Set Progress:
1.) Pink Baby Headband

2.) Blue Baby Headband.

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