Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates!



COLORS of the Baby Shower Gift Set:
Pink & Blue

This post is screaming updates! I've been knitting straight two days in a row, with very few breaks. I just love Christmas break!! (We get a whole month off, which is quite a blessing! I defiantly needed a break and to catch up on rest & of course, knitting!) Yesterday I've started on a new set of yellow baby booties, and I finished them today! Hopefully they'll be on Etsy tonight or tomorrow. Down bellow is how the "Baby Shower Gift Set" (This is a special! I think I may doing these once a month, let's see how this set goes!) is coming along! Oh yes, I forgot to mention since I am doing a special set for the first time, there will be posts about it!

Baby Shower Gift Set Completion
1.) Baby Boy Hat: Pink is the brim of the hat, and the brim has a unique pattern-unlike most of my hats. The body is blue and attached of the hat is a blue and pink pom pom (NOTE: Attached VERY securely!)

Baby Shower Gift Set More to Come
A. Two Baby Headbands
-a baby blue and baby pink colors headband to match the theme of the Baby Shower Gift Set.
B. Baby Girl Hat (I've just started it today, hopefully it'll be finished by tonight or tomorrow night).
C. Baby Booties!! (I will probably get to this tomorrow, or this weekend.)

Pink & Blue
As you can see the colors are pink & blue themed! This will be perfect for a baby shower gift!

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