Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Knitting day!

This really has been a full knitting day, better than I actually expected! It started off with knitting "Bowswer" from Super Mario (or something like that), for my brother's blanket. Then I proceeded to begin yellow baby booties (got one yellow baby bootie done today!) I also completed a baby hat, and started a baby headband.

Some knitting items heading your way:
Baby Shower Gift Set
This is a special! It'll include...
1.) A Baby Boy hat,
2.) A baby girl hat,
3.) A baby headband,
4.) Baby booties.

These colors have blue and pink of course!

Yellow Baby booties
-The title says all, yellow baby booties, however it may come with either purple pom poms or blue pom poms. I'm in the early stage of creating the booties, so I'm not exactly sure quite yet of how the booties will turn out.

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