Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stitches East 2011 & Shawls!

I'm getting myself wrapped up more and more into shawls!! I had completed the Dancing Batty Shawl, and it was very addicting to knit-and was a fun knit. Thank you Diane from Knitabulls' podcast, who wrote up the directions from a chart! Yes, I've already blogged about the shawl and posted a finished object photo. I actually wore it yesterday at Stitches East and got a lot of unexpected, exciting and great compliments (I was surprised.) I love shawls so much, there's so many shawls I want to knit.

But I want to blog about Stitches East 2011 first, it was EXCITING. I got two Malabrigo yarns, Archangel and Persia. I'm about to do a test knit soon, so I'm thinking of doing Persia out of that. Then I got a very cute strawberry little bag to put socks in (or maybe even shawls? not sure haha.) Not only that, but I got to learn how to do a toe up sock cast on, (Judy's Magic Cast On, which is really fun and addicting.) I had gotten yarn for the toe up socks I want to do (I'm calling them Gryffindor Toe Up Socks.) I'm super excited that I hope to start knitting this.

okay so SHAWLS.
I'm thinking about doing either Lala's Simple Shawl or Multanumah. They both look so pretty! Right now I'm currently knitting the Clapotis (and it's also a fun knit!)

Okay... photos coming soon from Stitches East 2011!! I had so much fun yesterday it was incredible!

Happy knitting!

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