Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I love hats!

The Wager Hat
by Velvet Madrid

So far this week, I've been working on hats-on a hat kick not sure why? It's weird, I never really knitted any hats except for baby hats (since they're so quick!) But a few weeks ago I've discovered the Wager Hat, it is a very fast and quick knit. (I'm on the last row of my Stitches East 2011 Hat aka The Wager hat.) The hat is also a slouchy hat. It's also for free, just click on the link! This is my second time knitting the hat.

I'm also hope to try:
Hermione Hearts Ron hat
Starving Artist
I know there's a third hat... but I forget.. shoot. Oh well!

Happy Knitting!

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