Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mindless Blanket.. Mindless Knitting..

Wow, I haven't blogged since Stitches East last Saturday! I've been sick with a nasty virus and in bed (somewhat or try to be..) most of this week, knitting very little-unless I'm working on my brother's blanket. I tried to work on other things like the Clapotis, Dr. Landsford's scarf.. but my mind couldn't concentrate. I'm almost done with the sixth repeat to the blanket, and I hope to add the seventh stripe soon (the stripes are fun to add.) I think I may do a couple of rows and then go to bed. This project is a perfect project for mindless knitting when I'm wanting to do something productive with knitting. It's the only thing I can actually work on and not be able to focus. I'm thinking of casting on another blanket for me (since it's defiantly big enough) and that I can call it my winter blanket. I can defiantly finish this blanket either by Thanksgiving or by Christmas.


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