Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm back!!!

I'm back again! I've been moving, and was knitting less during it since I finished the blanket on the last night in the house. (Really on the last night!) The ends are woven in as you can tell in earlier posts when I was posting for the Stash Dash (and I finished the Stash Dash!) My summer KAL's are now over-well except for one sort of.

I'm starting now to get into shawls and blankets-they're really are becoming my thing. I've just finished the Darcy Shawlette, and right now I'm in the middle of the SUMMER MYSTERY SHAWLETTE!! It's such a fun pattern, and I wished I kept up with it when I started the blue one-but it's defiantly working out a lot better than before. I'm doing it in black and sparkly so it could be a formal shawl. I finally found what I love knitting for which are shawls, shawlettes, and blankets. Sure I knit socks, but not so much any more. (I don't know why?) Maybe I'll pick it up again in the car this weekend.

Speaking of blankets, my brother is about to go off to VA Tech (and we're visiting this week at the school).. so I'm making him a college blanket with VA Tech's colors. I'm super excited about it. So shawls, shawlettes, and blankets get me the most excited. I was sketchy at first about shawls-but they turn out so pretty, especially with the Summer mystery shawlette in black. (haven't really seen that one before.)

So speaking of shawl patterns-I splurged last night, well I splurged a lot buying patterns this week (I never do, I always go for the free ones.)

I ended up splurging shopping for:
1.) The Hitchiker Shawl (my first bought pattern, and I've always wanted it.)
2.) Ethan's College Blanket (Will now become Alex's college blanket...)
3.) and finally... THE EVENSTAR SHAWL. This one I'm mostly excited for. I'll probably cast on and order supplies once we get back from vacation. I'll only be working on this and Alex's blanket, since the SMS will most likely already be done. (Maybe I'll try to finish it before we leave on Sunday.)

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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