Sunday, July 10, 2011

Knitting Slump-not so much

Weird right? These next couple of days will be busy because we are moving. At the beginning of this week I was in a knitting slump, I think i just needed a new project! Well thanks to Alana Dakos with the pattern, "Shawl Collared Cowl" I'm working on now, defiantly helped with the knitting slump! I love this pattern very much, and I see myself knitting the pattern over and over again! I'm already at the six inch mark, and it needs to be 9 inches before I start decreasing (I think.) I just started this yesterday! What a fast knit! Anyways...

here's "What's on my Needles":
1.) Malabrigo (I've just started knitting with this yarn, that I fell in love with it!) So I'm calling the Shawl Collared Cowl "Malabrigo" on my Rav page.

2.) I've Made up my mind Tank: I've started this I think a week ago.. and knitting on it every now and then.

3.) Princess Peach Socks: My first cotton bamboo summer socks. Defiantly summer socks. I'm excited about them, and they are my travel knitting. I'm about at the gusset decrease.

4.) Longest Long Term Blanket: With much more traveling, and a long car trip down to Hilton Head-I've been somewhat working on the blanket. I'm dying to do shawls... but I want to finish this blanket first before any huge project and long term project. I started this blanket back in April.

1.) I've finished the Florida Shirt back in Florida of course, already been some blog posts about it. However, I still need to seem it up! I find that I'm a process knitter-not a finished object knitter. I need to get in the habit of finishing.

2.) Baktus Scarf: Finished it! Yes, I need to weave in the ends.. yes I am a process knitter. Can't you tell?

1.) I randomly typed in scarf in the pattern search of Rav. Then I found this gorgeous scarf with cables. I'm considering each winter I could make one scarf for myself, make it a tradition. I've already have the idea of which yarn to use in this one. Might start this after we move.

2.) The Evenstar shawl. This is a dream shawl.. so I might consider serious thinking with it. I've researched what yarn, the pattern, other's people project pages already today. But I want to majorly finish the blanket first. This would probably be my second major long term project. Even if I were to start this.. hopefully I'll get other projects done. Yeah, I'm hesitating..

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