Saturday, September 3, 2011


Charms-September 2011
Option 1: Show your ability to cast the need knowing charm by crafting something that you need RIGHT NOW! Did the first cold day catch you unprepared and mittens are called for? Are you tired of burning your hands on hot pans and really need a pot holder? Spinners, do you need yarn for a project right now? You will need to convince us of the urgency of your need for the item crafted.

Remember the posts I did from Spring 2011, as playing as NQFY? I think this is my second time taking charms. I'm doing the Hitchhiker shawl again, since it's easy and I could get it done in a week.. but I'm doing it in a "punk" yarn colorway from Knitpicks. I usually freeze in restaurants, or any place rather and especially after I eat. I HATE wearing jackets-don't know why, but shawls are perfect for me. 

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