Thursday, September 1, 2011

History of Magic OWL Swatches Proposals

Since today's the first day of September....welcome, welcome September 2011! Most of this morning was about swatching, I just wanted to turn in my proposal OWL unexpectedly for some reason. So I did four by four squares for Luna Lovegood and Draco Malfoy before I do any other knitting (just to get out of the way.) I feel somewhat productivity now with knitting and can't wait to start back working on the scarf. ANYWHO almost getting off topic.
HoM Option 2: Craft an object or objects that interpret at least 3 characters from the Harry Potter stories. Spinners may create a yarn for each character. There should be enough yarn to make an adult-size pair of socks or mittens using each character’s yarn.

That is the actual assignment, and now above (or below however this posts) are the swatches photos. 

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