Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm back {Travel Knitting!}

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I'm somewhat back.. and somewhat not. I'm even considering in posting to the HPKCHC's blog again today since I'm traveling tomorrow (by myself... a little nervous, but then again not as nervous since I traveled before.)    I meant to post on 9/11/11 (on Sunday). My family flew down to visit my brother for his 19th birthday which is on 9/11. I was nervous on Friday flying down, but the travels went smoothly and I'm safely back home (until tomorrow.) I'm flying down to NC to visit my boyfriend and his family for our one year anniversary : ).

Very important note: I don't post while I'm away on travels. Not that I don't like blogging, but it gives me some sort of "vacation." I did post early last week since I was traveling on the Friday of my second post to the HPKCHC's blog.

What have I been knitting? Well I brought my:
1.) Astronomy OWL: I think I'm at my 50% mark? It still needs to be approved...I might be putting it in hibernation until it gets approved. But it is going well!
2.) Day Dream Shawlette [the Hitchhiker]: It's going well too! In fact-it's finished! I almost used up the skein of yarn from Knitpicks for this shawl, which was my goal. But it made it to 24, or 25 points.. and I went ahead of binding off (was a bit tired of working on it.) I wanted to continue, since it was a brainless knitting project.
3.) Fall into Autumn Scarf: It didn't get worked on, I mainly brought it just in case I had finished the Daydream Shawlette (which I did... last night.)

{Travel Knitting to North Carolina (Tomorrow!)}
1.) Fall into Autumn Scarf: This is defiantly going to be worked on! I'm defiantly bringing this one. It has a deadline..
2.) Twisted Rib Cowl: I'm about to start it after lunch, that way I can get a decent amount of work done, then bring it tomorrow.
3.) What three? There's not going to be a third project. The scarf itself has a deadline (fun deadline).. But the Twisted Rib Cowl will be my fun project.

{What's next to blog?}
-A blog post will be coming your way soon-"Deadlines." A lot of my projects have deadlines...

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