Tuesday, September 13, 2011

{On the Clock: On the Needles}

Yikes! I have deadlines, but no fear.. some are a month off, some are in a few months off!
The Rush-the "Race"

My Deadlines:
1.) Alex's VA TECH Blanket: I got half of it done by his birthday, and now I'm planning on doing the other half by Christmas (finishing it.) I'll work on it more before I get back from my trip. It might be my main focus.

2.) Stitches East Scarf: I've been working on this today. I'm also bringing this to my boyfriend's house. Not only that, but I hope to get it done by Stitches East! Why not show off a couple of cables and twists and purls?

3.) The Evenstar Shawl: It's a lingering-long term project, however.. it does somewhat have a deadline (by Christmas, or by the time we move into our next home as a Christmas gift to my parents.) But since it's a long, difficult shawl (I'll admit, it's a long term process so I'm in no rush in finishing this.)

4.) Last but not least: Astronomy Owl: I hope to get this done by November to complete my Astronomy Owl!

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