Monday, September 26, 2011


I feel like I haven't blogged a whole lot since I got home from North Carolina. I'm somewhat in a knitting slump, but not as bad as it could get. I'm actually being very productive today with knitting.. on my brother's VA Tech Blanket! I'm somewhat almost done with the fourth repeat, and hoped to get the fifth stripe on by either this upcoming weekend, or next week. I probably should schedule the blanket. I was hoping to get it done by Thanksgiving so he can take it to school, but he's flying. So now my goal is to finish it by December. (Which is very possible.) I've been knitting on it since I had gotten home last week, and it's going very well. I only just want to knit on the blanket (don't know why, I caught the knitting buzz for the blanket). I usually knit on the blanket when I desire something mindless and know I can be productive.

Plus I'm also trying to finish the Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011, by Stitches East.. okay so I'm ALMOST done with it, I have a feeling after this repeat or the next repeat, I could get it done!

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