Thursday, September 22, 2011

Safely Home {Catching Up!}

I am now safely home from North Carolina , and catching up on knitting! I'm catching up on my brother's VA Tech Blanket, and in hopes to get far on it by Stitches East. I think that may be my focus for the next few days... as a relaxing knit. I feel that it's my "catch up" day since it's my first day home from traveling. Before I left to visit my boyfriend in NC, I hardly worked on my brother's blanket-so basically that needs to be catching up to.. and to catch up with the weekly podcasts that I watch. I hope to add the fourth stripe today.

{Travel Knitting} 
My main focus? Only ONE thing... which was about to drive me nuts, but still fun at the same time... was my Fall into Autumn Scarf 2011: 
I'm halfway there! Last time I measured was 23, scarf is suppose to be about 67 inches. I almost used up my first skein of yarn (in which I'm about to wind up the second skein of Malabrigo, Autumn Forest, into a ball.) while I was visiting! In fact, I was afraid to to work on it yesterday during flights since I was that close into running out of yarn! I think I'm working on the 11th repeat, and the scarf calls for 27 repeats to be done!

{What I'm working on now..}
I blogged above about Alex's VA Tech blanket, that may be my focus... let's see how that is!

Happy Knitting!
~Anna loves sheep~

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