Monday, March 14, 2011

Week of March 14 knittings..

Okay, so it's a new Monday!! And now I'm just waking up, and so I'm slow at typing. But this is the first blog entry of the day. I hope you like the new look of the new layout and template, and so I'm thinking it'll stay that way (or hoping) from now on (let's see how long this layout will last!) So in this blog entry will be my 'Week of March 14 Knittings.'

Things I'm knitting (What's on my needles):
1.) MY SOCK!!!! Yes, the word 'sock' is in CAPS and four exclamation points. Not only I started my sock, but I started the second sock to my first one. I could get the sock done later on today, and it's a little less stressful this time (knock on wood..). I started it yesterday while I was skyping, and somehow it all pulled together. I messed up my other sock (same one, but different one..) with a dropped stitch, and the pattern-well didn't look like a pattern.

2.) Whipple Wave Blanket: So sadly... I dropped a stitch somehow in this one. I might be able to go back and save it. We'll see how much energy I'll have to tink back some rows (there's quite a few).

3.) Daisy Mini Purse: Yes, it is mini! I got one handle on it yesterday, and maybe later on today it'll be finished. It might be on Etsy later on this week.

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