Friday, March 18, 2011

Good morning!! & socks!

I would say it's been awhile since I last posted about knitting. But hello again! I actually have few updates about knitting this week, since mainly it's been cleaning this week. I've only worked on two projects which is a second pair of socks and a prayer shawl. The first pair of socks, my "Spring Mist socks" are hibernating when it comes to Raverly terms-or could be frogged. However, I started my second pair of socks and it's going well so far. My first design for my second pair of socks didn't turn out so well.... so I restarted them on Wednesday night. I'm using very thin sock yarn so it'll take me awhile to actually finish the pair (if I get to that point).

Another thing, not sure if I'm going to be posting this week. My boyfriend is coming up to visit me, and I'm excited!!

Happy Knittings,
Anna Elizabeth Designs!

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