Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Juliet Socks & Ballerina Baby Hat

Hello again!! I hadn't really blogged in awhile, my boyfriend left yesterday and we didn't get home from Boston until later in the day. But right when I got home I defiantly finished my first sock and started the second sock!! I got really excited about the tube socks I've been working on these past few days. As I write this I'm downloading knitting podcasts such as Knitgirllls (not sure if it's two "l" or three.. but anyways. My first sock turned out really well and I absolutely love the pattern (it's just k2, p2 all the way down to your toes!) It's really truely amazing and one of my favorite patterns. I can go on and on about it, so right away last night I started on the second sock. I'm going to be knitting it while I'm listening to the podcasts I'm currently downloading.

So also as I'm blogging-I'm meditating on creating a new page and naming it "Knitting Traveler." I ALWAYS bring my knitting every where I go. I'm trying to keep a small project going so I won't have any trouble carrying it around. Those projects would either be a sock or a baby hat. For instance I had a doctor appointment in Boston yesterday, and had to drop off my boyfriend at the airport-so I grabbed my baby hat. I was in the condition of doing the toe shaping of my sock yesterday, I just waited until I got home to do that. So instead I just worked on my baby hat (Ballerina hat) and I got that finished... I just need to bind off. More of the details and description will come with a presentation photo after it's on Etsy. (It could be awhile).

Alright I'm going to go and knit my sock!!
Happy Knittings,
~Anna Elizabeth Designs~

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