Friday, August 19, 2011


As in past few posts, I am blogging for them! (Well the HPCKC! on Raverly!) I am looking up now (and preparing) for the Fall season 2011 knitting items. Last term (Spring11) I played as a NQFY (and knew nothing about the group.) I think I completed the classes Charms, Muggle Studies (the last class) and I forget the first class. But anyways. I'm also thinking about doing a Herbology OWL exam this semester as well. Not only that, but I am looking up patterns for Fall 2011 such as knitting Halloween washcloths, cowls, hats, and such. I would do scarves-but I like cowls a lot better (and it wouldn't be tight like scarves, and scarves wouldn't get in the way.) I'm thinking about knitting a sweater-but not quite sure yet.

Here's some links I've found and my Raverly's queue at a glance! Fun Fact: I just have about 113 patterns queued, and four pages in queue... seesh.
Cabled Ipod Cover just something very random, involves more practice for cables, and a bit "challenging" might use for an HP class this term.

KAL FRIDAY POSTS: I'm thinking I'll be posting KAL news on Friday's including my Epic Everything KAL (I'm still doing that with the HPCKC.

Happy knitting!

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