Thursday, August 4, 2011

WIPS-on Wednesday (A little Late)

A bit late in posting and meant to post last night. This is something I'm going to try and blog about: Works-in-Progress Wednesday. Last night I was going to post-but too tired (Haha). Then on Friday's I'll have Finished Object Fridays.

Let's begin!

1.) Alex's VA TECH blanket: I worked on it quite a bit while I'm at the beach. I'm going back tomorrow (just probably not today.) But I made an easy mistake to fix, it only took awhile to tink back the mistake (about 199 stitches!) So with that being said, wasn't so happy about tinking back. I added the orange a bit too soon. But now I know what I'm doing!

2.) Charlie Brown's Washcloth Series: I'm getting back into washcloths for some reason. I forgotten each row is different, and it's really neat seeing the washcloth become a washcloth. I just recently went yarn shopping for more washcloths, and started Lucy yesterday. (I'm halfway done with her.) I also finished Charlie Brown washcloth at the beginning of this week.

Happy Knitting!
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