Monday, August 8, 2011

Charlie Brown Birthday Gift

So... this is a very belated birthday gift to my honey. But my boyfriend's and mine's nicknames are Lucy and Charlie Brown. While on vacation, I decided to knit Charlie Brown themed washcloths. I'm making GREAT progress on all of them so far-more than I can imagine. I wouldn't say before I hated washcloths, but now I really love them.

But here's the four I've done so far (normally I would just do one.):

1.) Charlie Brown (of course, it was the first one!): I did this on normal sock yarn..

2.) Lucy!! (That's me! That was my second one completed over vacation.)
Before the Lucy washcloth-I went shopping for really good cotton yarn-best cotton yarn I've knitted with!

3.) Snoopy!! Can't forget Snoopy!

4.) Marcie: I JUST finished Marcie today (or well just minutes before posting..)

Next up:

1.) Linus
2.) & Sally! (And I'll be finished!)

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