Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting better

So today I can see a difference from yesterday and yes I'm feeling a little better! I wouldn't say a lot, but a tiny bit. I'm blowing my nose less, but still blowing my nose every now and then. I actually got a lot of knitting accomplished than I planned too even though I got a rough start. Never start your knitting mornings when you untangle yarn and have startis at the same time! That's the helpful tip of the day! Yes.. that sums up my morning and no-I did not end up rolling up the yarn into a ball, and yes-I'm sad about it.

However-good updates this time! I got the fabrics glued together...however I have to wait until tomorrow to really finish up the bags. (Have to wait until 24 hours after I glue it... sigh..) but at least I got that part done!

And I casted another sock yay! And I have 3 1/2 inches (I think) on it. Wohoo!! I started this sock over three times since I was trying out a pattern, but then I decided to stick with the same pattern. This is for the Knitgirlll's stash dash and a Christmas gift.

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