Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Mm... nope. I love sock knitting! And as I explain before, I've already began my Christmas knitting. Why? To make things easier, less stressful, AND more fun: I decided a couple of days ago to knit socks for everyone (including a couple of friends here and there..maybe) for Christmas gifts. I think it should be a knitter's tradition (my opinion, you don't necessarily have to do this haha.) If I knit for someone else-I feel accomplished, like I'm actually getting something DONE. Maybe that should be one of my quotes? (Possibly....thinking..) I've already made a list who I want to knit for. Since it's May 2o11 let's see.. wow already 7 months ahead in schedule! It depends on the mood of when I desire to knit socks but right now since I just finished up a sock for someone special-I'm in a sock crazed. Minus three people on the list, if I do one pair per month-I could get my Christmas knitting done in time. Yes... I have ten people in mind I want to knit socks for. I'm not sure if you'll be seeing photos or the people's names just because it'll probably "ruin" the surprise gift. I'm almost done with a sock I'm working on now (finishing heel guesset). However, I may blog at what stage I'm at during the sock knitting (we'll see.) From now till Christmas I'll be getting sock measurements from everyone on the list. I'm excited for this!

Happy knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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