Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Morning Monday!

It's a beginning of a new week and I've always loved Mondays (but I especially love weekends ha!) I'm watching podcasts right now and downloading The Knit Girllls' new episode, and excited for it! Since their show is usually an hour, I can get the stripe done to my Potions blanket (Olive Garden blanket.) Right now I'm watching Round the Twist and working on my "crochet" look Gryffindor hat (wohoo!) I'm almost done with it, and trying to get it done today. With my hats, I'm starting a series and giving them a same look so I can get 30 done. (Like four pig tail hats, four pom pom hats, four crochet look hats, etc.) It's fun, and I keep forgetting hats are fun!

Also! The panda bear! This post is tied between themed knitting for the panda bear and HP. I'm almost done sewing in all the parts-got the arms and legs done yesterday. I hope to get the stuffing in the nose and ears plus eyes done today. Photos are coming tomorrow. (Maybe-plus of the hats.)

Anyways, happy Monday!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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