Saturday, May 28, 2011


So yesterday I barely got to blog since blogger wasn't working for me (but finally did!) Yes! I had created a wordpress just in case, but I get to blog on this one!! Yes unfortunately I'm sick which means I've been barely knitting enough to finish my Hogwarts assignment-History of Magic. I decided to do Option 1: Search history for someone you consider a Wizarding style icon, and craft something to represent his or her sense of style. You may study any Witch, Wizard, or other member of the magical community from any point in history, and feel free concentrate your studies on personal fashions or home d├ęcor. [COPIED FROM HP KNITTING/CROCHETING GROUP ON RAVERLY.]

Anyways, in my next two posts I'll explain the Midnight Stroll Socks (aka my Hermonie's socks for History of Magic Class.) but these are a gift for someone. I've already started my Christmas knitting and got my socks done yipee! If I find a good count down for Christmas, I'm posting it on my blog.

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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