Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May!

Waking up this morning, I glanced at my cell phone. I realized it's finally May!! I would normally say this is the start of "my summer" but I'm already home! We've had really nice weather lately which led to allergies, then a sore throat I still have (wouldn't exactly call it strep since I haven't been to the doctors yet, and not sure if I'm going to.) I've been waiting for May to come for along time for specific reasons. This post is non related royal wedding knitting.. [By the way-this post will also contain the events for this month! By the way-in weekly posts such as these I'm going to start posting events. There's now something going on every month, i.e traveling!] Here's what's on my NEEDLES for this week: 1.) Princess Catherine Panda bear (halfway finished with the knitting that is). 2.) Olive Garden blanket: Since I've been working hard on the panda bear this weekend, the blanket hasn't sadly been touched. I'm hoping to get to it after the panda is done, I'm sure it'll happen soon enough!
3.) Gift knitting-Mother's Day.

EVENTS for May 2011:
Less than two weeks I'm driving down with my mom for my boyfriend's graduation at Liberty! Yes I'm so excited for him!

Okay, I decided to be colorful in
this blog post hehe! Even though this is not royal wedding knitting-I'm still going to sign the posts with this blog signature I created.

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