Saturday, May 7, 2011

Quick Blog Post

Yep, this relates to Harry Potter knitting! I'm defiantly now doing Potions class with my Olive Garden blanket yippee! What a wonderful way to get both approvals for this Saturday morning before heading out the door, for my OWl and Potions class for this term! I'm still serving as a NQFY (sigh but I'm okay with it). For the OWl, I'm just doing 30 hats... which is quite a challenge for me, and OWls are suppose to be a challenge (which is great!) I'm suppose to get the blanket done by May 31st, which is easy to do... which in a week I'll be down in Lynchburg. So bascially that means I have a whole day in the car to knit on the blanket and hats (yes!).

I need to get refills on:
1.) Yellow Red Heart yarn
2.) Black Simply Soft Caron yarn
3.) Blue cotton yarn (for Raven Claw)
4.) Gryfindor Colorways
5.) Green bernat yarn (for potions blanket)
6.) Yellow bernat yarn (for potions blanket)
It's a lot of refills!

Happy Knitting!

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