Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's on my Needles

It seems to look like I'm blogging every Sunday about "What's On my Needles" but it's beginning of a new week right? This post will also include upcoming blog posts for this week and events. Let's start with "What's on My Needles"

What's On My Needles:
I'm not going to assign my knitting to each day, it'll stress me out. However...
1.) My Potions class blanket: Olive Garden blanket. I try to do at least a stripe a day, I could get this done by the end of May (when it's due anyways.)
2.) Finishing up my Panda bear (no, I actually have not sewen in my parts sigh.)
3.) The HP's Owl knittings.... my baby hats. (I have almost THREE done so far this weekend wow!)

okay now...
My boyfriend's graduating this weekend (yay!) so I'm traveling down to VA... then going back to my hometown where I grew up to visit some friends. This is where the Traveling Knitting blog post comes in. No link to it yet-haven't even written it! But that's coming this Thursday. The car trip is on Friday (and a lot of knitting time!)

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