Sunday, April 3, 2011

Double Pointed Needles..

Now that I finished the Honeysuckle socks last night (late last night!) I feel like I can breathe now.. and cast on new projects. I actually forgotten how much I love casting on projects haha. So as I'm typing now I've started on a hat (this may be a test knit..) for myself as I talked about my projects last night. After I get to a good place (most likely after doing a color jog for the pink) I'll start on the flower. I'm guessing the flower will be after lunch. The hat I'm doing now has a green brim, knitted on double pointed needles (size 7), and the body is pink. It's actually going well so far.. and I'm slightly designing this. Photos will come as the hat goes along (I'm just completing the first round now and listening to podcasts..)

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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