Thursday, April 7, 2011

North Carolina Shawl EASY.

So yesterday, I arrived in North Carolina safely but with a few turbulence on my first flight to Atlanta, but the second flight was smooth to NC! I hardly actually didn't knit at all until I got to my boyfriend's house later in the day. I almost didn't pack any yarn or knitting, but I'm glad I did! I started my shawl yesterday, and since I'm mostly knitting it in NC-I'm calling it my North Carolina Shawl. I was super tired last night so I waited until this morning to open my laptop to blog and open a new entry on Raverly for the NC Shawl. I love this pattern it's so easy! It's so cool how it's easy to increase each row as I go along knitting it. It should be fine to knit on my next two flights on the way home. Since I had to pack less for this trip, I'm keeping my notes and the patterns on index cards method. Okay, once I keep saying it's 'easy' I'm probably bound to mess it up somehow.. but anyways. The method of keeping my notes and the pattern on the index card is easy! (I can't think of a better word to describe this..)

Anywho, may knit on it for awhile now!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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