Friday, April 29, 2011

Good night! (Left Leg)

I only had small amounts of energy left, and only got to one of the photos done of the right leg of my panda bear. So I call this a "preview"

So this may be the last blog post about the Royal Wedding knitting for awhile, or until tomorrow (we will see). I'm trying now to blog less about it since the wedding was today. I'm not sure how I'm going to blog of what I get done, but I'll figure it all out tomorrow (remember I've been up since 3am?) I would normally try to finish up my part I'm working on if I weren't so tired-which is the Left leg of my panda bear. I have photos of the right leg, so I will probably post them tomorrow. I'm thinking about doing a post per day about the Royal Wedding knitting-but then again we'll see. As in for the notes-I have seven pages so far, there are a lot of parts to this project. I don't mind it at all-it's small parts into one big project. (Pretty neat huh? I feel like I'm getting a lot more accomplished when it's breaking down to smaller parts like these). Okay, I'm rambling... and I think the royal knitter should go to her chambers for beauty sleep (haha!)

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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