Sunday, April 10, 2011

North Carolina Shawl

So yesterday was a lot of fun... and only got few knitting done on my North Carolina shawl. It's not my 'baby' shawl any more! It's growing after each row I knit, and I'm still loving the pattern! I'm not sure how many inches it is right now-but I'll measure it either before I leave NC or after I get home. I'm curious to see how close I am to 30" (but I'm probably not even close... I'm guessing maybe 10 inches or less, we'll see). This pattern is making me love knitting shawls, super easy as I explained in my first post for North Carolina Shawl. This is just another update of how it's progressing. Possibly no photos until it's finished...

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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