Saturday, April 2, 2011

Honeysuckle Socks binded OFF!

Yippee!!! Yes, my Honeysuckle Socks are finished! Click on the link on my Raverly page to see them!! A photo of them will be posted tomorrow (I'm about to go to bed). I've spent most of the day working on them and trying to free up my knitting needles. In my last post I had knitting attacks such as my knitting needles slid off (I got frustrated!) But FINALLY these socks are now binded off-and I'm WEARING them!! I'm so excited about them... and yes I can't wait to start on another pair. I'm thinking of always having a sock on the double points.. after I edit a picture of my socks I'm going night night!

I do have projects planned for tomorrow! I have two secret knittings (gifts..) But I'm doing:

1.) A flower
2.) Possibly a hat for myself (that I am designing..) but I think the brim is going to be a bright green and then the body a bright pink (both neon). I'm going to knit the hat for springy and summer weather! I am also considering knitting them on double pointed needles (I can't get away from the double pointed knitting needles!)

Anyways Happy knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs
{Photo of Honeysuckle Socks will be posted tomorrow!}

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