Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shawls, Baby Booties, Socks

Well I hadn't blogged in the last couple of days.. I've been knitting all day actually (and yesterday). North Carolina Shawl updates first! I'm ALMOST done with it, I finished the decrease. I'm not sure exactly yet my next step will be. I'm in the process right now of just working on other projects, mainly either tinking or fixing them-such as my Sunflower socks, my Whipple Wave blanket.

This week I'm hoping to:
1.) Finish Sophie's Spring Set
-The flower (probably next planning in this one..)
-The Baby Booties

2.) North Carolina Shawl:
-Maybe the trim or completely finishing and binding off.

3.) Socks!!
-My sunflower socks are almost done (well the first one)

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