Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Updates..

So I know I haven't really been updating or blogging these past few days-been busy! I had a movie date with the boyfriend (Soul Surfer) is a very good movie!! I loved it, Carrie Underwood was amazing in it and I was very impressed by it. I hardly got any knitting done yesterday but I got little done. (I'm about to go knit, I'm still waiting for the boyfriend to wake up haha). Today's plans is at 9:00 and going to a parade, very excited. I'm going to take my knitting with me... even though I'd probably won't have a chance to do a row or two, or a stitch or two. (But that's okay..not complaining!) Anyways! Going to go knit! Oh by the way: I have something like 1, 179 views-which is amazing!! I would love to see who's reading.. so follow me! : D. Happy Knitting ~Anna Elizabeth Designs!

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