Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Knitting featuring Sophie's Spring Set!

So today was a very good day for me, a little tiny bit of stressful.. but everything went well! I had to clean the house in the morning and walked the dog. (I didn't have any time to knit-like my normal routine after breakfast since I spent cleaning. So finally I was able to knit about after lunch, and it felt great! I feel like I've got a lot accomplished today other than knitting, and also got accomplished in knitting as well!

Today I knitted:
1.) Sophie's Spring Baby Booties! I got them done! I just need to buy buttons at Joanns and Michaels this weekend for them.. hopefully they will be up on Etsy on Sunday or Monday. I finally got the right baby bootie finished (second attempt or third attempt?)

2.) I'm almost done with a green stripe on my blanket yes!

So tonight I hope to knit:
1.) Finish the stripe (I doubt it, I'm tired of knitting on it now..)
2.) Defiantly I know I'm going to knit on my Sunflower socks I've been mentioning for awhile. The blanket has been taking up my day... so that's why I only knit on one stripe a day.

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