Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Reading Knittng Blogs

I love reading blogs.. (why I'm keeping up with this one). If you have a button for your blog, give it to me and I'll add it in the HTML codes. I might even create a button myself. So it's a Tuesday morning at 8am, and honestly it really feels like 7am to me (or 6am). I guess I'm a morning person, and it's raining out. I should be knitting right now... however I think I'm still waking up. Yesterday I worked hard on my Fairies' Purls blanket. I LOVE the colorways in this one than the Whipple Wave blanket I ripped out. Plus I've mentioned in my last blog post that these colorways will match my next room after we move. Also, last night-I wanted something easy and mindless to knit. I went ahead and casted on my second sock for my Sunflower socks. I'd figure I'd finish the cuff's length by the time my mom gets back home to help with the heel part (that part I'm still trying to master). I'm almost half way in memorizing the pattern which is great! I'd knew I'd get to that goal sometimes soon.

Anyways, happy knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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