Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

I'm uploading a new graphic photo wishing all of you a Happy Easter on my Facebook page here. (It's still loading.) So I thought I'd also put it in a blog post before I start knitting. By the way Happy Easter!! Yesterday we went to Michael's to stock up yarn for my blanket, however I got the wrong shade of purple : (. So I hope to go back to Michael's again after church... if it's opened. I gotten some buttons for Sophie's Spring Set... so it may go on Etsy later on today or tomorrow! I'm excited for it, and the buttons are extremely cute. I also got mini heart shaped button sets since I need some for future baby booties. Speaking of future baby booties, I have other sets in mind... however this one may be just baby booties since I have no idea how much yarn I'll have afterwards for the hat. As for the John Deere baby set-I finished the baby booties yesterday, and I'll add buttons to it after church. Those won't go on sale until later this week until I start and complete the hat. I might start the hat today, we'll see.

Happy Easter!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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