Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tinking day..

So this is the first blog post for today! So far it's been an 'okay' day and hoping it'll get better.. I'm hoping to be almost done with my second sock-however I did have a little knitting mishap unfortunately. I hoped I fixed it so far-however the needle just slid out of my stitches.. so basically I dropped all my stitches from a needle. I wasn't very happy about that-but I hope I actually did fix it (we'll see..) then I tinked a little bit on the Whipple Waves blanket I've been working on.. though I do still need to tink a few rows again on that. (I only just tinked once..) So before I tinked my row on the Whipple Waves blanket-I tried to roll up two balls of yarn however they got really tangled (I wasn't happy then either..) so that brings me to blogging. So I'm guessing I haven't had a really good day of knitting like I hope-hopefully a better knitting night. But I've been watching some podcasts as well today.

Anyways.. that's it for now.
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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