Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blogging Less | A week to Disney!

So I realize I haven't been blogging a lot, been busy with family this week! Yesterday we went sailing for two hours which was fun and relaxing. Yes, I did bring knitting. Yes, I really wanted to knit on the boat. However, I lost a DPN I needed to knit with in the car on the way to the docks : (. I could've gotten two hours worth of knitting. Sadly, I probably won't be blogging a lot this week either, or the week after-I'll be in Disney! Today marks the one week till Disney!!! I'm hesitating to pack today or wait till later this week. I might just pack today and get it over with. So...

The KNITTING I hope to FINISH this week:
1.) Father Day socks [I got to the heel flap finally on the first sock today, I know it's late.. but I'm sure I can get them done this week hopefully.]
2.) The baby's yellow summertime shirt. I only have two more steps to do, I could finish it today or tomorrow. [Might finish it after I do the packing.]

That's basically it for the knitting this week.. shocker.. I'm sure there's more.

The KNITTING I hope to PACK:
1.) Socks! (Nannie's Rainy Day socks, and perhaps the second sock of Father's Day socks.)
2.) My red yarn.. I'm not sure how much yarn I'm going to bring with me. That's one of them. I'm dying to knit something out of red.
3.) My Carrot Top!! I'm hoping to fix it later this week and to be able to bring that project with me.
4.) Harry Potter OWl hats.

I'm taking a mini tote bag or something so I'll probably pack my knitting stuff in there.
Happy Summer!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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